Listening to the fish nose of Elephant

In almost all the aquariums a creature can be found especially wonderful call more properly Fish Nose of Elephant or: Gnathonemus petersii, a member of the family of the Mormiridos.
Photo of the fish Aside from the interest by the “dot? of the little animal, there is a more fascinating aspect: it emits pulses of electricity in the water with which it can locate food, other fish and to its pair. It is a simple to listen to these electrical signals with simple and cheap equipment as a piezoelectric earphone or small amplifier.


Piezoelectric earphone

Small amplifier

Cables to connect


Electrical fish

A piezoelectric earphone is a simple device, although in disuse nowadays is used it in the radio receivers to crystal. The inserted thing in the ear and is very sensible to the electrical signals, reason why he is perfect to detect the electrical signals that it emits the Fish Nose of Elephant to turn them into sound.

The piezoelectric earphone

In order to listen the fish simply it submerges one of cables of the headset in an end of the water tank and the remaining cable in the other end of the tank, soon places the headset in your ear. If beams click you can here listen as the sound of the fish is heard. If the fish is quiet the pulses are listened to from time to time. But one moves is increased the frequency of the pulses until a humming is heard almost. This happens because when moving the fish, needs more information the atmosphere to be able to sail. The USA the pulses as a sonar to avoid obstacles, to find food, to avoid the predators and to locate other members of its species. So that the signal is listened to more fort you will need an amplifier. A stere usually has an auxiliary entrance or for the record player that you can use. Simply it connects some cables and pon both cables within the water tank of the same form in which you did previously. The photo shows a small amplifier batteries. A cable goes to the entrance of the Y amplifier some connectors of the type jaw of cayman make sure to two copper strips that introduce to the water to the left and right of the tank. The fish has been placed temporarily in a small aquarium so that the photography is easier to take. With the amplifier, several people can listen this fish.

From Where the Signals Come

With the help of an oscilloscope or card of sound of a computer we can capture the signal and observe the graph that produces.

It places a microphone in the amplifier to catch the sounds to a card of sound of a computer and examines the graphs in detail.

The Electrical Body

The electrical organ of the Fish Nose of Elephant is clearly visible is a pair of white bands that goes between the fins in means of the body.

In this photo the organ is seen that emits the signals, is a modified muscle. The fish are very sensible to small amounts of polluting agents in their environment; in Germany the Fish is used Nose of Elephant to detect very small amounts of lead and trichloroethylene in the water of supplying of the cities. As the electrical unloadings are so easy to detect and to monitor with a computer, it is a method cheaper than the chemical tests and it is possible to be done in continuous form. The number of unloadings per minute decays considerably when the level of the impurities rises, at levels even considered very below the dangerous thing.

Other Electrical Fish

The most known electricus, and the fish are the Electrical Eel of South America Electrophorus African Cat Malopterurus electricus. Another famous electrical fish is the Blanket Ray of the Mediterranean Torpedo torpedo. There is a fish electrical cat of China, the Parasilurus asota. They are great fish with powerful electrical organs that use to stun their prey and to move away to the predators. Other electrical fish are as the fish Nose of Elephant, in which the electrical unloadings are very small and navigation and communication are used for. Of the same family (calls mormyriformes fish) that the fish Nose of Elephant are other species as Pollimyrus isidori, Gymnarchus niloticus, and Brienomyrus brachyistius. Another family of weak unloadings is the gymnotoides South Americans such as Hypopomus artedi, Sternopygus, and Eigenmannia. Whereas elHypopomus produces pulses as the Fish Nose of Elephant the other produce continuous sine waves. The gymnotoides fish of South America Eigenmannia virescens, , and Apteronotus albifrons is easy to obtain in the aquariums of tropical fish. All of them emit continuous waves, instead of pulses. A fish very common in South America is called YOUNG LADY OR LITTLE FLAG (Eigenmannia virescens), is an electrical fish, produces small waves of low voltage to orient itself and to communicate. Tablets are flat fish laterally, with the aspect of a knife, an anal fin that all the length of the fish includes finishing in a fine tail. It has small dentated mouth and jaw cuts the eyes give appearance to be fused in the skin.

Another fish with which this experiment can be done is Morena Pintada. (GYMNOTUS omarorum). It around forms an electric field that serves to him to perceive the surroundings. The mouth is prognata that means that it has a jaw inferior more salient than the superior. They can swim backwards with the same facility that forwards. They are mainly in zones of river with much vegetation underneath camalotes. Attention: They are very aggressive.

For more information on the electrical fish it writes the scientific names of the fish in the Internet. There is an incredible amount of information on these animal on the Web.


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