Constructing a Simple Receiving radius with Crystal of Germanium


This Radius to crystal can be found in the page: SCIENCE TOYS, of Simon Quellen Field. A radius to crystal is very simple, has few parts, it does not use batteries or batteries and it is possible to be constructed in just a short time and with materials that we have by hand in the house. The reason for which the radius does not need batteries is due to the wonderful capacities of the human ear. The ear is extremely sensible to very weak sounds. The radio to crystal uses only the energy of the radio waveses and the transmitters. These radius transmitting sends great amounts of energy (tens of thousands of watts), if embargo, because they are to great distances and we arrange, in the best one of the cases, of some tens of meters of antenna reason why the amount of energy that we received with the radio to crystal is moderate in millionth of watt. The human ear can detect sounds that are still less forts.

How it is constructed

Materials: This it is the GERMANIUM DIODE, it is the main component of the radius. Diode of germanium It perforates holes in a flank of the bottle and to a distance of 2,5 cm among them. These holes will be used for the copper wire. Bottle with the holes We put the wire enameled in the part superior of the bottle and hauled about 15 cm. Bottle with the wire through the holes Now it takes the other end of the wire and begins to surround around the bottle. When you have made five returns, for and you make a small normal loop. If you surround the wire around a nail or pencil will be easier. Bottle with the first returns and the first curl It continues surrounding other five returns and another curl. You must do this until the bottle completely is surrounded in wire. 15 cm cut to the wire leaving about and insert it in two holes perforated in the base of the bottle, the one that will be seen thus: Bottle showing all the turns of wire and the APTs Now we must clear the isolation of the ends of the enameled wire and of the APTs (curls) that we made each five returns, if you use enameled wire you must clear the enamel with sandpaper. Now we placed the diode of germanium to the end of the wire in the part inferior of the bottle. He is better to weld this connection. It cuts the cable of the telephone earpiece, peels the outer isolation and you will find that there are four wires of color. We must use the wires black and yellow. The wires of the cable of the telephone are of very fragile copper, and have some around plastic threads. The copper is broken easily and, sometimes, not note because the plastic holds it. It is necessary to weld by far well-taken care of. It welds the wire of the cable of the telephone to the free end of the germanium diode. It holds to the other cable to the wire of the part superior of the bottle, is good idea to weld them. Now we held to a paper clip jaw of cayman to the antenna. It is good idea to make an antenna. It consists of copper wire (it can be enameled, it does not matter burned and obtained of a transformer that no longer works), ded about 10 ms ded placed length and between two highest possible wood posts. We connect in the part mediates another wire, and to this one the paper clip jaw ded cayman. We hold the other end to an APT of the coil. We hold another paper clip to the wire that leaves the part superior of the bottle, this is our Earth return. We must connect it to a sink, to a pipe of water or another one objects of metal that has a good Earth return. Let us make sure that the pipe is of metal, otherwise our Earth return will not work, nor the radius. In the drawing of above a radius can be seen generic crystal and the form to connect the antenna and the Earth. In this point or you would have to be able to listen to one or two radio stations in the headset of the telephone. In order to select the stations it is necessary to change to the paper clip “jaw of cayman? to different APTs from the coil. The more it releases and discharge the antenna, the more hard will be listened to the radio station. Now that the radius works him it can improve placing it in a wood base. Radio with base



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