Level: Basic

    That it is needed
    • Gotero or drinking straw to drink soda water
    • Glass of water
    • Oil of kitchen
    • Glass of paper or plastic
    • Alcohol

    This becomes

  1. It sucks a few drops of alcohol with gotero.
  2. Loose slowly the alcohol underneath the surface of the water in him glass.
  3. It spills something of aciete of kitchen in a glass of paper or plastic.
  4. Stuffed gotero with some drops of kitchen oil.
  5. It leaves the oil slips of gotero right under the surface of the water in the glass.

What happens

    The alcohol disappears but the oil forms bubbles that float to the surface and they remain there floating. The molecules of water and alcohol are attracted. When leaving gotero the alcohol molecules immediately make sure to the nearer water molecule. The molecules of alcohol and water form a solution.

    The molecules of aciete and water are opposed and some to the other are not atren. In fact they try to push itself mutually. The oil molecules push against the pressure of the water molecules that surround them and form some oil bubbles. As the water is heavier than the oil, the bubbles of aciete are pressed to leave to the surface of the water.

Experiments for Fairs of Sciences - M. Vargas