WHEEL GYROSCOPEGyroscope of Bicycle wheel

Easier to use due to its small diameter, massive tire, and means simple to hang and to load, this gyroscope brings diagrams of the precession. One requires a platform and a suspension that rotate in aligned form, that is sold separately.  



 Centripetal chain

Exciting demonstration of a basic principle.

A continuous bow of chain, taken at a great speed by the broken disc that, which allows him to come by its own means. The chain that is rotated will move very little in a slippery surface, but it will go far in a carpet, because the two component forces undergone by each connection in the chain are always added to a force directed towards the center of the circular trajectory. It requires a drill of variable speed (it is sold separately) to cause that the disc turns at a speed of operation.

Ref: 16 V 4208     Centripetal chain



It demonstrates the gyroscopic forces with this instrument of high quality Can seem a toy (in fact, was including in the list of NASA 1993 in the project toys for the space), but this fascinating device demonstrates the capacity of a wheel that turns in a fixed position in space, resisting any force that alters it. The gyroscope offers an almost perfect balance, turning in bearings of high quality by several minutes simultaneously. It includes the guide of user with suggested activities.

Ref: 16 V 0611    Gyroscope


  Channel of Forces

It studies the acceleration and the effect of the gravity in a movable body driving spheres of steel or a wood block by an aluminum track in the form of channel. An experiment demonstrates the conservation of the impetus and the energy in collisions, whereas the other demonstrates to the difference between the friction of a smooth body and other that rolls. It includes one crushes in the form of V of 1 m of length, everything in aluminum; molded plastic guards to injection; firing gear with four adjustments; five steel spheres of the same diameter; wood block of irregular form; and instructions.

Ref: 16 V 0487     Channel Of the Mechanism Of the Force


 Mesa de Fuerzas

Tried per years in the classroom, this table of 50 cm of diameter solves 0.5 angles

°and it uses the curves to show simultaneously up to four vectors. When striking slightly in the table it is obtained that the center ring moves unless the represented vectors are really in balance.


 Ref: 16 V 0490     Mesa de Fuerzas table

Equipment Of the Law De Hooke

Plant louse and tries that the streching of means is proportional to its load, or determines the harmonic movement counting oscillations. Very complete equipment that will allow to carry out this and other experiments him in the laboratory. It comes complete with his support of masses. (The masses are sold separately)


 Ref: 16 V 0488     Equipment Of the Law De Hooke

Interconnected means

It uses the means hooked in series and in parallel configurations to investigate the law of Hooke.

It demonstrates to the oscillations and the normal ways of the vibration with these three interconnected means. They can be fixed in series to support a mass, as well as within a parallel configuration with the help of the aluminum notch including. These unique means require a support, as well as a bar and clip, the hooked masses (0.5 kilograms), a rule, and an accountant of time, all available one separately (it is not included in the set). The same means are of 1 cm of diameter and different lengths each. (This configuration can vary from a kit to another one)


 Ref: 16 V 0498     Related means


Dynanometers simple to use with color code.

It uses our code to colors to identify the dynanometers in all pexperimentos of force and movement. The dynanometers are calibrated in Gramos and Newtons. Specification of the colors:
Purple 100 g/1 N Cod. 29-1206
Blue 250 g/2.5 N Cod. 29-1209
Green 500 g/5 N Cod. 29-1210
Brown 1000 g/10 N Cod.29-1211
Red 2000 g/20 N Cod. 29-1212
Target 3000 g/30 N Cod. 29-1213
    Amarilo 5000 g/50 N Cod. 29-1214



Air rail

The air leaves by small orifices that creran an air cushion.

In order at the moment to study coliosnes and conservation with very little friction. Completely of solid aluminum of 1,5 meters in length, its smooth sueprficie and highly to linear by presicion with which he was frabricado. It is provided with two cars, game of weights, pulleys and supports. It works with infrared floodgates (are not provided in the set for a better performance


Ref: CFSKU611-1245    Air rail

Cicloidal incline

It examines the Speed in the Incline.

The students discover that an air line is not the fastest way to arrive between two points. Using a steel sphere, the students find the fastest way to roll a steel sphere by an incline being used this equipment. In spite of the initial difference in the acceleration, the students you would comprenderan that two sent identical objects of the same height left the incline to the same speed. A carillon is placed at heart of this equipment completely mounted to indicate the winner. Since the ideal case would require that the balls slip instead of to roll, he is useful to explore this principle with smaller spheres.

Equipment of Friction

 Ref: 16 V 4203    Cicloidal incline

Equipment of Friction

Tests of several factors of the friction.

This system includes a block of friction and a board of the friction, both of finished of high quality. The friction block has a hook for a dynanometer and compartments for the additional weight. The students can vary the weight or the area of the contact to see how they affect the force of the friction. The board is 15 cm x 100 cm. includes a manual of the activity.


Ref: 16 V 4200   Equipment of Friction

Cars of Dynamics with hoops

These cars of three wheels come with two steel hoops easily united. They also have top; allowing that the students can study better elastic and inelasticas collisions in the laboratory.


Ref: 16 V 0489    Cars of Dynamics with hoops

First and second Law of Newton to demonstrate the first and second law of Newton.

It serves to demonstrate the surprising effects of the combination of inertia with the impulse. It consists of a heavy sphere with three eyebolts that can be suspended of a metallic support that allows that a thread tied to a rod gets drunk. If one gets drunk with force and rapidity or slowly different and surprising results are obtained. One third cord tied to the sphere avoids that this falls to the floor.


Ref: 71941-11N2   Bola Inercial

Free fall

Simple and interesting equipment.

A fastener that holds to a metal sphere is pressed and dropped to the sphere. This falls between two receivers equipped with infrared phototransistors that drive to a calibrated electronic accountant in hundredth of second.


Ref: MT2040     Free fall

Simultaneous fall

In order to demonstrate the Second Law of Newton.

This light metal unit uses means with a handle to impel to two metal spheres, one is sent horizontally whereas the other falls vertically in simultaneous form. It owns a rod to hold equipment to a universal support to any height to vary the rank of reach of the sphere that goes off horizontally. It includes the guide of user with suggested activities and metal spheres.


Ref: 33591N    Equipment of Simultaneous Fall

Car Hall

The aluminum axes of this Car of Hall estan facts of a single piece and they mount in cones that allow to loss friction in an inclined plane. The body is of a single piece and has a hole in one of the ends for would tie cords and to make measurements. Equipment has a mass of 100 grams.


Ref: 32491N     Car Of Hall

Globe and Nails

In order to demonstrate to the difference between force and pressure when applying a force on a great area. The more great the area, the more difficult will be to burst the globe. It includes instructions and globes. It requires masses which are not inluyen.


Ref: 16GC0814     Globe and Nails

Lanzador de Proyectiles

Throwing solid of projectiles with metallic mechanism of launching. It takes the presición of the ballistic pendulum to the class. This equipment sijeta to any table and goes off spheres from -15


°to 90

°. It includes a trigger, two steel spheres of 25 mm of diameter, instructions. Lance spheres for bidimensional measurements and vectors.

Ref: CFSKU611-1410     Lanzador de Proyectiles

Equipment of Inertia


Equipment that is looked like the trick to above haul a table cloth of a table with objects.

This demonstration teaches to us that a body in rest lies down to continue in rest. A metal sphere rests on a card placed on a plastic base. When a metallic lamina is made hit against the card, it pushes shooting it whereas the sphere falls in the support, demonstrating clearly that the force of friction between the card and the sphere is not sufficiently great as moving the sphere.

Ref: 75250N     Equipment of Inertia

Inclined plane


Simple metallic inclined plane.

It consists of a subject pulley to an end of an inclined plane done of aluminum. A hole that atravieza the piece of side to side allows that a metallic rod is introduced that can be held to a universal support. Car of Hall is not included.

Ref: 18PI141    Inclined plane

Inertial balance


A way simple and effective to measure the inertial mass.

Indispensable equipment in the laboratory. A form economic to introduce the concepts of inertial mass and gravitational mass, with these can be calculated the periodic movement produced by two laminae of the balance when this pushes the sides and indentifica the paper that plays the gravity in this operation. It consists of two aluminum trays, one with an orifice, two steel laminae, an iron bar, bases, it presses and manual.

Ref: 19BI141    Inertial balance

Sphere of Free Fall


It makes an impression to his students with a dramatic demonstration of acceleration.

A wood sphere and board fall together, but the end of the board falls more quickly, leaving to the sphere back in the air. Equipment consists of two boards united by a hinge and separated by a wood rod. A metal sphere is placed in the end of the board superior, near a plastic container. When the rod takes off, the sphere seems to remain in the air soon falls within the container. The experiment with plastic spheres is repeated and the same result is obtained, and so it demonstrates that the mass of the sphere does not affect its acceleration.

Ref: 20ECL141    Sphere of Free Fall

Machine of Atwood


Economic version of the Machine of Atwood.

Unlike other traditional units, our Machine of Atwood does not require that the mount in a wall. The pulleys in a support of standard laboratory can be held. The pulleys have a low coefficient of friction and moment of inertia and so reliable results make sure. The Kit includes all the necessary one for the experiments: masses, support, support of masses and cord for the pulley.

Ref: 21MA141    Machine of Atwood

Hall Económico car


In order to be used with inclined planes and of robust construction.

This simple and economic cart of Hall is of molded plastic ABS that can be used with inclined planes to study work and energy. They count on wheels covered almost free with friction, the central part has a crack to place weights. The cart has a mass of 53 g and is of 13 cm x 5 cm x 3,5 cm.

Ref: 22CHE141    Hall Económico car

Center of gravity


Demonstrating of the center of gravity.

A horse with its rider that will serve to demonstrate the concept of center of gravity. It consists of a base of metal, a figure of horse and rider and a sphere with wire.

Ref: 23DCG141    Demonstrating of the Center of gravity

Energy conservation


Equipment to demonstrate kinetic potential energy and.

This simple equipment vice versa demonstrates the potential energy conversion in linear and rotational energy in kinetic energy and. Spheres of different materials, two of metal and two plastic, are made roll in the metallic rail. The rail has two different rakes, as well as two lengths the highest points are to equal height.

Ref: 24CDE141    Energy conservation

Demonstrating of Curl


Simple equipment that demonstrates the energy conservation.

The route of the metal sphere in the rail demonstrates to the students as the potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy. The metallic rail is mounted in a solid base and proveee with a steel sphere.

Ref: 25DR141    Demonstrating of Curl

Collision in two Dimensions


Technical the USA simple of trajectory to resist conservation of the moment and energy.

Using this equipment their students can at the moment learn the concept and kinetic energy, as well as elastic collisions and inelásticas. The aluminum incline sends spheres with the same energy. The different ranks from trajectory in metal collisions can be used from glass and metal against metal to obtain results different from energy and moment. It includes press C, rail with base and spheres of metal, plastic and glass.

Ref: 26CDD141    Collision in two Dimensions

Air discs


Economic alternative to the air tables.

Even though it is not had an air table, experiments can be made to demonstrate collisions, speed uniforms and acceleration in two dimensions with these air discs. The air that escapes of globes pushes discs on any uniform surface. The game includes two flat discs and one double one, as well as globes.

Ref: 27DA141    Discs De Aire

Demonstrating of Acceleration


Interesting demonstrating for the class.

When doing to roll the steel spheres alternatively, plastic and glass throughout the rail of 3 ms of length, can be demonstrated that the transformation of energy does not depend on the mass. Circular motion with the class can be discussed in addition, explaining because the spheres do not fall when they arrive at the top of the curl.

Ref: 88DA141    Demonstration of Acceleration

Timer of Acceleration


Easy to use and very simple to mount.

This instrument produces 50 points per second in a movable tape of paper. He is sufficiently heavy as to be used in the edge of a table without help of a press C. Also it is possible to be held in a laboratory support. It is provided complete next to discs with carbonic paper, paper tape and switch.

Ref: 90TA141    Timer of Acceleration

Elasticity of gases


Economic and versatile equipment.

It is not simply equipment to demonstrate the Law of Boyle, but also to demonstrate the Law of Charles. Geringa consists of one modified and mounted on a wood base to change the volume of the gas in this system mechanical energy is used. Several weights (not including) in the wood platform are placed. The readings of pressure against volume can be illustrated, revealing the Law of Boyle.

Ref: 91AEG142    Elasticity of Gases

Sphere of Pascal


Simple demonstrating equipment of the pressures of a liquid.

Geringa consists of one and one sphere, allows to demonstrate the pressure that exerts a liquid against the walls of the container that contains it.

Ref: 92EP142    Sphere of Pascal

Mechanical model of gases


Equipment to simulate different gases and their behavior.

The movement of gases can be simulated with this equipment. The molecules are invisible to the human eye, reason why esferitas of metal in interio of a tube of plastic transparency are used. It consists of a piston and a motor that moves it. The engine speed can be varied thanks to an electronic control to simulate changes in the temperature of gases. Quantitative results can be obtained.

Ref: 93MMG142    Mechanical model of Gases

Water pressure gauge


Simple water pressure gauge.

Water pressure gauge in the form of Or and constructed in glass on a solid support against one graduated scale. Very useful to make experiments of hydrostatics.

Ref: 94MA142    Water pressure gauge

It presses Hydraulics


Ideal hydraulic press to demonstrate the Law of Pascal.

The students will understand better the mechanical advantage when they use this system this system of interconnected pistons. When applying force to the smallest piston will rise the greater piston, being increased the force. The operation of the hydraulic cats is verified.

Ref: 95PH142    Hydraulic press

Vasos Comunicantes


In order to demostar the Law of Pascal, he counts on several transparent tubes.

This equipment demonstrates that when different tubes with water fill, this raises the same level without concerning the thickness of the tubes.

Ref: 96VC142    Communicating vessels

Equipment of the Absolute zero /Ley of GayLussac 

Set of Hydrostatics

In order to demonstrate the Archimedes' principle. This set allows to explore the displacement of the liquids, the bouyancy and the Archimedes' principle. The set contains: tin of ebb tide, set of equal masses, set of specific gravity, dynanometer and guide of laboratory.

Ref: CFSKU611-2266    Communicating vessels


Equipment of the Absolute zero /Ley of GayLussac

In order to determine the value approximated of absolute zero. This equipment allows to demonstrate to the direct relation of the pressure and the temperature in a gas of constant volume measuring the pressure of a well-known amount of a gas confined in a container to different temperatures. It includes a container sealed connected to a measurer of pressure and a submersible bulb of 100 mm of diameter.

Ref: CFSKU611-2305    Equipment of the Absolute zero /Ley of GayLussac

Law of Boyle

For experiments of the Law of Boyle. For experiments on the laws of gases. This unit works pressurizing a container to move a small amount of water. The pressure can be determined with the pressure measurer to determine the water and air volume. Laboratory guide includes itself.


Ref: 96VC142    Communicating vessels


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Bank of Simple Viewpoint

VIEWPOINT BANK Ideal for demonstrations of basic optics.

This system includes a game of glass lenses of high quality with which demonstrations can be done generally on refraction and lenses. The students you would aprenderan a: To use lenses, refraction and beams of light, rays of light and focal length, to examine images, as making a telescope, etc.

Ref: 23BOS233    Bank of Simple Viewpoint


Metallic bank of Viewpoint

This bank of optics has all the elements necessary to take to end different demonstrations from optics. It consists of a metal rail extruido of 1 meter in length; 2 pedestals and 5 speedboats to hold the optical components; plate with graduated scale; convex lens of 40 mm of diameter; double convex lens of 30 mm of diameter; convex flat lens of 50 mm of diameter; polished with emery plate of 80 xs 120 mm; they len you convergent meniscus of 36 mm in front of the light source; support for candle, plate with illustration of I, white screen, supports. It requires of source of 6V DC or batteries.

Ref: BOMSKU614-0122     Bank of Viewpoint


Simple prism

Glass prism of high quality to make demonstrations on the dispersion of the light.

Ref: 25P235-1N   Simple prism

Water prism

GAME OF LENSES For demonstrations to large groups of students.

This prism this acrylic plastic fact and has an opening to spill in the inner clean water, which allows that demonstrations can be done on the dispersion of the light to large groups of students.

Ref: 26PA236    Water prism


Game of Lenses

Game of six lenses of glass with different focal lengths and several types. Ideal arranges to make demonstrations builds instruments as microscopes, telescopes, etc.

Ref: 27JL237    Game of Lenses


Bank of Waves

Bank of Waves to project the waves on a screen in the part inferior. All the class can observe the propagation of the waves, reflección, diffraction, the relation between frequency, wavelength and speed as well as the difference between interference and phase. All these phenomena become more dramatic when they project in the screen inferior. The generator of waves is of plastic (reason why it does not oxidize) and has rods to produce precise waves and flat waves. The frequency can be varied when changing the feeding of C.C.

Ref: 28BO238-2N   Bank of Waves

Waves in Cords

DISC DE NEWTON It compares two different types from waves simultaneously and explains his relation.

With this equipment it is possible to be demonstrated that the number of nodes varies according to the tension that occurs to the cords. Also the effect of the chord lenght in the number of nodes can be demonstrated that take place. An electromagnet causes that the vibrations are of 50Hz. The game has four types of masses, pulleys, and cord.

Ref: 25OC238-2N    Bank of Waves

Disc of Newton


Two disc types of the Newtons who can be used to study the addition of the primary colors to produce the target. The disc small account with a motor that is fed with DC. Dsico great is of 300 mm of diameter and it is rotated with the hand, counts on a handle to hold it.

Ref: 29DN238-2N    Disc Small $US29. -    (Ventinueve 00/100 dollars North American)

Ref: 30DN238-3N    Great disc


Addition of the Colors

Equipment to demonstrate to the synthesis additive of the colors. In a same support are three lamps of green color, red and blue. The feeding takes place it by means of security connectors. Each one of the lamps can be ignited in series by means of a prepared switch. Equipment understands sphere with support, bases with white screen and light source.

Ref: 31SA238-6N    Addition of the Colors


Plates of Interference

It uses these glass plates of high quality and a series of thin materials to observe the interference images and to determine this way the thickness of the material that is placed between the plates.

Ref: 32PI238-7N   Plates of Interference



This economic equipment can be used to measure the refractive index of the air and to demonstrate a variety of interferometry techniques. The elements in a metal base are positioned and they make sure in its place by means of magnets. The distance can be measured without the help of a rule since the base has a quarrel in angle of 45

°. Unlike other models all the parts are included to measure the expanción coefficient to linear of metals. It is included in the set: laser leader; metal base with scale; components opticoscon magnets in the base; 3 rod: bronze, aluminum, iron; and our only grid of difarcción that separates the beam of the laser in two parts.

Box of Viewpoint 

Ref: CFSKU614-0200   Inteferómetro

Equipment of Reflection and Refraction

Equipment that allows to study the laws of the reflection and the refraction without needing resorting to an optics bank. This device is stable and practitioner, is made up of 1 support, 1 graduated disc, 1 semicylindrical bucket, 1 laser. The laser permanently is fixed to the bucket and it is possible to be placed in any angle. The bucket with cuialquier can be filled liquid, as aciete mineral, water, etc.

Ref: 34IM248-7N   Equipment of Reflection and Refraction

Box of Viewpoint


Parallel and convergent equipment that allow to study the colors, reflection, cousins, rays and much more. Sert includes: filters of color, mirrors, prisms, cards for light rays, gel of colors, and instructions. It requires source of being able of 12 volts (CF615-4120) that are not included.

Ref: COSKU614-0670   Box of Viewpoint


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Condenser of Flat Plates

It allows the theoretical study of a condenser from his definition. The capacity of a flat condenser is determined by the relation:


C = (E.EO.S) /D

where S is the surface of the armors and d the distance among them.

This equipment is compound of two circular flat plates of 100 of diameter and mounted on an insulating base that allows that they dissatisfy of 0 to 200 mm, it counts on security connectors.

Ref: 23BOS233    Condenser of Flat Plates


Bucket of Electrostatic Phantom

Unmissable equipment in the laboratory.

Two electrodes are placed within a circular bucket that contains oil and seeds of turf or semolina. The electrodes are connected to a machine of Wimshurt or of Van de Graaf, when flowing the current in the electrodes, the seeds will be oriented according to the electric field that these produce. The set includes: a circular bucket, 6 electrodes (two planes, two precise ones, and two circular ones) and have supported transparency with security connectors.

Ref: 24CE234    Bucket of Electrostatic Phantom


Demonstration of the Magnetic Field

Equipment with which he demonstrates himself to the students who a driver produces a magnetic field. With the help of the compasses the distribution of the magnetic field according to the position of the needles of the compasses can be denoted.

The set includes ten compasses.

Ref: 25DCM235   Demonstration of Magnetic field


Demonstrating Piezoelectric

Equipment that demonstrates to the direct conversion the mechanical work in electrical energy.

The crystal generates a load of 3 000 volts when it subjects to a great mechanical force. Equipment can also be connected to a neon lamp to study the polarity of the device when is pressed it. The device consists of a crystal of zirconato and titanato of lead within a housing of plastic and wood base with elements to produce the spark.

Ref: 26DP235   Demonstrating Piezoelectric

Electromagnetic induction 

Detector of Statics

Electronic detector of solid state.

Electronic assembly in plastic housing with feeding of 4.5 to 9 volts. When approximating to equipment an object loaded with static electricity ignites a LED immediately denoting a load. Equipment shows positive charges or negative.

Ref: 26DE235   Demonstration of Magnetic field


Set of Electromagnetic Induction

Set didactic to study the different effects from the current and the Electromagnetic Induction.

In this set it is had what it is needed to study all the referring one to the Electromagnetic Induction. Topics as: magnetic field, electromagnets, motors, motors ac and dc, transforming, transforming in series and in parallel and much more. It contains nucleus laminated and solid, mounts, coils and the necessary thing to take to end the experiment of the ring of Thompson. One provides a suitcase and complete instructions. A source of 12 volts and a multimeter is required.

Ref: 27DCM235   Effects of the Current


Metallic electroscope

The student can detect a difference of potential with this solid device

Electroscope simple, easy to use and of solid construction, metal housing with windows of glass observation. The aluminum lamina quickly subjects in the support type jaw of cayman. The central support finishes in a metal sphere and it subjects to an insulating plastic piece. The observation windows take off their cleaning easily and to change the aluminum lamina.

Ref: 28ES235   Metallic electroscope


Simple galvanometer

Simple galvanometer of tangents that does not have to lack in the laboratory

The students can correlate between the number of returns of conductive wire that they themselves enrrollan in the frame and the magnetic field generated by the driver.

Ref: 29GS235   Demonstration of Magnetic field


Galvanometer of tangents

The USA basic principles to measure the current

Traditional galvanometer of tangents that allows him to use a compass and the Earth's magnetic field to measure “unknown? currents with basic principles. Four coils of different lengths are surrounded in the plastic hoop, this is as well on a base with connectors that allows him to choose between the different coils. It includes compass, instructions and experiments.

Ref: 30GT235    Galvanometer of Tangents


Machine Small Tesla

In order to produce up to 20 000 volts, with little current.

This small machine Tesla can produce more than 20 000 volts, reason why it is possible to be used for a great amount of experiments related to high voltage. His under amperage it does safe so that it is manipulated by students. Experiments of electric field, unload in gases, etc.

Ref: 32MT236    Machine Small Tesla


Didactic motor

Didactic electrical motor that will allow the students to understand the operation of the motors.

This simple electrical motor allows that the student sees clearly the function of the different parts that compose it. In order to demonstrate to the students the foundations of the motors and their operation. One provides with powerful magnets with ceramics and an armor with cones with ceramics that allows to an a bja very friction. It is possible to be used as motor or generator. It requires of a 3-6 source Volts DC.

Ref: CFSKU615-4700    Didactic Electrical motor

Didactic op amp

REISTENCIAS ASSOCIATION Pedagogical scale model that allows to study the Op amp, its functions and their use within different assemblies.

The feeding of the Op.Amp is within the kit, which in addition counts on the necessary devices for the accomplishment of different assemblies, as being: diodes, resistance, etc.

Functions: Derivador - Investing - Additive, etc.

Ref: 33C238    Op amp


sociación of Resistance

Kit to study the association of different resistance

This kit allows to realise four diferents experiments and studies on the resistance.

- Verification of the law of the nodes


- Addition of the tensions

- Characteristics of an ohmic dipole

- Comparison of the theoretical values with the obtained experimental values

Ref: 33C239    Association of Resistance


Solenoid with Air Nucleus

in order to study the magnetic field in the coils.

Diámtro relatively great of this Solenoid with Air Nucleus makes ideal for experiments such as the Electron mass and the Balance of Current. The copper wire of high quality is connected to rigid connectors readily accessible. It can accept 10 amperes in intermittent form and 5 amperes in continuous form without overheating itself. It includes instructions and experiments.

Ref: 33C240    Solenoid with Air Nucleus

Balance of Current

It allows to measure the small force that a driver undergoes who takes a current in a magnetic field.

BOX DE SKINNER  This simple but reliable equipment allows the study of an important physical subject, if a driver, usually a wire, takes a current and he is placed in a magnetic field, undergoes a small force. The law of Lorentz describes whatever of force and in which direction. In order to measure the force a very sensible balance is needed as equipment that we described here. A solenoid is used to create the magético field so that it is easy to measure. It includes two lateral connectors, Solenoid with Air Nucleus, laminar driver of current and instructions.

Ref: 33C241    Balance of Current




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