The car of potential energy also is known as Car of Mousehole because it uses a trap mice as motor to impel it.

What is the Potential energy: is stored energy that owns a system as a result of the relative positions of its components. For example, if it stays a ball to a certain distance of the ground, the system formed by the ball and the Earth has a certain potential energy; if one rises plus the ball, the potential energy of the system increases. Other examples of systems with potential energy are an elastic tape stretched or two magnets that stay tight so that the equal poles are touched, or as in the case of our car, the means that have activated and it stays tense.

In order to provide potential energy to a system it is necessary to carry out a work. Effort is required to raise a ball of the ground, to stretch an elastic tape or to join two magnets by its equal poles. In fact, the amount of potential energy that owns a system is equal to the work carried out on the system to locate it in certain configuration. The potential energy can also be transformed into other forms of energy. For example, when the car loosen, the potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy.

The potential energy is pronounced of different forms. For example, the objects electrically loaded have potential energy as a result of their position in an electric field. An explosive has chemical potential energy that is transformed into heat, light and kinetic energy to the detonated being. The nuclei of atoms have a potential energy that is transformed into other forms of energy in the nuclear power stations.

There are many variations of this type of cars, but most common it is to place the trap on the car, to place an arm in the means and to tie a cord to the axis of the later wheels. When doing to turn the wheels in the opposed sense, gets drunk the arm yaccionado by the means of trampara for mice; of this form already we have energy hoping to be released. When loosen to the car the trap hauls the arm with the cord and the cord jhace to turn the axis with them wheel, and so the car is put in movement. As it is possible to be seen in the drawing of down.


The base of the car is of wood or another material. Rtuedas and the axis can be of wood or plastic. In the photo of abjo note that is a hook almost to the center of the axis.

The trap for mice subjects in the part of above of the car, the picture that is idsparado by the means has an arm, that is a simple long heavy wire. To the end of this wire a cord is tied. The cord enrrolla in the axis.

In the photo down it is possible to be seen how the trap goes off and this it makes roll to the car.


Armed and lsitos equipment to use. It enters to ours Catalogue