Airplanes of paper


paper plane

  1. It begins with a piece of so large paper letter and doubles it by half as it is seen in fig 1.

    diagram 1  Fig 1

  2. Soon it doubles a corner as fig 2 is seen and repeats the same with the other corner to obtain what it is seen in laFig. 3.

    Figure 2  Fig 2 Figure 3  Fig 3

  3. Now it doubles the piece that exceeds downwards as it is seen in fig 4.

    Figure 4  Fig 4

  4. It gives to the return the airplane and it doubles the nose, and so you will obtain fig 5.

    figure 5  Fig 5

  5. It doubles the central part of airplane in three parts (the places with broken lines) that are seen in fig 6. He is important that double the ends of the wings downwards so that the airplane does not fly the other way around.

    Figura6 6  Fig 6

  • This avioncito flies better within the house. The wind in the open places will not allow that it flies correctly.
  • A little upwards throws the airplane with smoothness with the pointed nose. Hold it of means almost.
  • If beams a flap (dog ears) in the part of back of one of the wings (doubling the paper near 1 cm you will improve the flight. If you double to a wing and the other upwards downwards, the airplane will fly in circles.