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In these drawings some model airplanes for flights in interiors can be seen. They are of the type Or control, that is to say, are controlled by cables. The cables that take the energy are the same that serve us to control them. Very thin and long cables are used. In an end is the motor and in the other the batteries that feed it.
The model of down is a little more difficult to do, but it is possible to be fit so that it flies slowly and it is possible to be controlled very easily.
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This it is a version of wing Rogallo

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The model airplane of down flies in an angle of attack very pronounced and is very stable, is quite strange. One becomes of plastoform (telgopor) very thin. One bends this in the form of barrel as it is seen.

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Down a helicopter can be seen, the vanes are of heavy fine cardboard or the cardboard of a pizza cover.
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This helicopter is able to float by several seconds. The USA a motor of high impedance that rotates a subject gear to the shovels done of cardboard. Torque of reaction with four fins in the part of back is avoided of the motor. They subject in a cardboard support that is stuck to the motor. for this silicono is used warms up. The gear is placed in a screw that is stuck as well to the flank of the motor. The rotor and the gears can be cleared unscrewing the nut.
The fins do not turn in any direction.

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