This type of boat to steam is called MGP MGP or putt putt by the sound that produces when advancing in the water. It is the simplest motor to steam that can be constructed, does not use valves, movable pistons nor parts.

The photography shows almost all the details of construction.

The boat in himself is half of a plastic bottle cut all along and two orifices practiced in the part of back.

In the part of the center, towards the prow a candle is placed. We use a candle with metallic base. This avoids that the part of down is based. Glue was used so that it remains in his place.

The motor is a thin copper tube of 1/8 of inch, this can be bought in the stores specialized in refrigerators.

The best one, way to cut the tube is with a cutter of tubes, but I could be used a mountain range for metal, although in this last case it will have to file the ends.

With care, the tube by the central part around a cylindrical object (a battery can be used median) in the photo bends can be seen that we are using a wood rod placed in a press. Soon two holes in the part of back are perforated of the boat and the ends of the tube by the holes are inserted. If it enters a little water can be placed silicone to seal.

We double to the frontal end a little upwards so that it is on the candle. With this the boat is ready to work.

The copper tube fills with water and the boat in a bathtub is placed, finally the candle ignites and after a little while it begins to sail with a characteristic sound.

When the copper tube is warmed up, the water in its interior boils and begin some water pulses that leave the opened part of the tube.

In the photo of above the candle one has changed by an alcohol lighter, and so the boat is quicker, but the candle is safer.


The candle turns something of the water into the steam coil, elcual soon pushes gau in the remaining art of the tube causing that leaves behind the boat in the form of a spurt. When leaving the coil, something of the steam is condensed and it is contracted, which absorbs water in the tube again.

Down planes can be seen to construct to complicated boats putt putt but. For of brass and narrow copper tube has been used.

Armed and ready equipment to use. It enters to ours Catalogue



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