This coil tesla takes control of materials that we can find around the house or the factory. It does not require many materials nor herranientas, but much patience. When I talk about to “materials in the factory” I assume that those that read this are as I, that I keep all the equipment burned and discarded in a fourth special one from the “treasures”.

The entrance is of 220 V CA and the 000 Tr1 gives about 10 V to several mA. S.G are terminal of security in which a spark jumps, L1 and L2 is chokes of high frequency, g1 are the spark terminals, C1 is the primary bank of capacitores and L3 is the primary inducer. L4 is the secondary coil and Trm1 is the secondary capacitor toroid or

It is not tried to give a electronics class and to great razgos, the coil tesla uses a resonance condition to increase, we say, about 10 000 volts to 1 million volts. The interesting thing of everything is that the voltage of exit does not depend on the amount of wire of the secondary one, as the conventional transforming. This resonance condition is as pushing a boy in a swing, if it give a push him at the exact moment, the boy will go more and more high. The circuit tank of the primary inducer and the capacitor resonates to a fixed frequency following the values of capactitancia and inductance. So that the things work the primary one has a great capacitance and a small inductance. So that the same frequency is had, our secudnario has a small capacitance (the toroid) and a great inductance (coil). In order to complicate a little plus the idea, the voltage to the primary coil to the same frequency is provided with resonance. The voltage of high frequency is obtained loading a capacitor until it arrives at a voltage that breaks to travez of the air by a pair of terminals. The distance between the terminals adjusts until the correct frequency is obtained.

The SOURCE OF BEING ABLE is a transformer, as it is seen in the photo of above, for neon signboards with a voltage of 5,000-10,000 V and 30-100 mA.

Capacitores for Televisions of Voltage stop.

The capacitores are very important because stops are used voltages. I recommend that capacitores of televisions are used. It is possible that from time to time some of them burns between smoke and noise.

Spark Gap - it is needed: Screws and nuts of 1/4”

So that the coil tesla works appropriately the arc terminals must as well as possible be done. The simplest method consists of two screws as it is seen in the photo. This way the distance among them can be fitting. The problem is very simple: once the air between the screws has ionized with the voltaic arc that takes place, the resistance in airs is reduced by the increase in the temperature, therefore the frequency varies much. In order to avoid this “quench” is due to make that is to say, cool the spark. A form is to have a dozen of terminals, or to blow compressed air, etc. seems to Me that simplest it is to use the device that is above.

PRIMARY COIL - Cover of a table Lamp.

Part of a placed table lamp is used the other way around and a plastic copper wire becomes involved on this one covered. San 8 meters of copper wire no. 12 or 14 enrrollado as he sees himself in the photo.

SECONDARY COIL - to make the secondary coil a PVC plastic tube is due to even use or a cardboard tube of 4 inches of diameter com 1 meter in length, enameled wire Not #22, #24 or #26. Some must be enrrollar 2 00 turns of the wire enameled in the tube, leaving about 5 cm in each end of the tube.

Connecting the Secondary one to Earth

It is not connected to the regular Earth of the house, but a sufficiently great metal object is used as a metallic furniture, etc.

TOROID - It is needed: 2 aluminum or steel Plates.

The toroid increases the capacitance of the secondary coil. It works thus: the voltage of the secondary coil is so high that only one conductive superificie is needed, the toroid! The isolation (dielectric) is the air and the other “plate” is the Earth.

Coils “Chokes” - it is needed: Tubes of ball-point pen and enameled Wire.

In order to avoid that the pulses of high frequency created by the spark spoil the source of being able these filters of high frequency settle. Chokes is simple inducers and we did them of the bodies of discarded ball-point pens. The enameled wire is of number the 16 or any other that are had by hand. Some become involved 50 turns.