How To do

Be turned can a curl into squaring? With this experiment of Topology we will verify that if it is possible.

The topology is an area of the mathematical one that studies the continuity and other concepts originated from her. One is a tie specialization to the properties and characteristics that own the geometric bodies and that stay without alterations thanks to continuous changes, regardless of their size or appearance. That is to say, it works with the objects of different forms, whenever the mentioned continuity is not interrupted. In words of the daily language, it could say that the topology has allowed to double, to stretch, to twist or to shrink the elements, but without breaking them nor segmenting what is united nor to beat what is separated.


  • Fine cardboard pieces of colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • What is necessary to do?

    1. It cuts fine cardboard strips. It applies glue in an end of one of the fine cardboard strips.

    2. It glues the ends altar to make a curl.

    3. It takes a strip from fine cardboard and the curl

    4. It inserts the fine cardboard strip by means of the curl.

    5. It forms another curl gluing the ends of the second fine cardboard strip.

    6. It cuts with scissors by means.

    7. It cuts completely.

    9. When opening you will have the figure that is seen down, with two curls in the ends.

    10. It cuts by means.

    11. When opening you will have a surprise!