The buzzer or electrical bell is an electromagnet that is connected and disconnected automatically often per minute. This causes that the armor vibrates and produces a humming.



In the telegraph that we did in this same page, the magnetized screw will attract the long arm or armor when the switch presses itself. Now we will use this armor as a secondary switch so that when the low armor, becomes disconnected of the circuit. This will cause that the screw loses its magnetic force and the armor will return again to its original position. This cycle will be repeated time and time again.

As making the cocking mechanism:

Now we must make a cocking mechanism doubling one wire of heavy copper, which this dubbing as one is in the drawing and the photo. A screw is used to assure the cocking mechanism in its place way like the free end touches to the part superio of the armor.

In the telegraph the red cable of the battery connected the switch. In this project this cable is due to connect to the screw of the cocking mechanism (copper wire), soon connects another wire of the screw of the cocking mechanism to the switch.

Now the electricity enters by the copper wire, happens through the cocking mechanism and soon it arrives at the switch.

Verifying the Buzzer:

Pressing the switch to cobnectar the circuit. The buzzer must vibrate often per second producing its characteristic sound, if it thus does not happen to verify the following one:

To make sure that the heavy copper wire does not continue touching the cocking mechanism when this is down, when is atrhelpo by the electromagnet.

  1. To verify all the conecciones and to assure them if outside necessary.


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