(Bells of Franklin)

Simple experiment of static electricity, easy to construct, takes about 5 minutes you with homemade materials and few tools. This experiment has form of a bell, with the clapper who furiously strikes to both soda tins several times per second. Of time encuando they appear tipsy blue. Materials that you need:
  • Two soda water tins.
  • A plastic object, as a puntabola.
  • 15 centimeters of thread.
  • Two aluminum laminae of about 30 cm (they are used to bake in the kitchen and to surround food).
  • Sticky tape.
  • Two cables with clips “cayman jaw”
Simply observing the photo already you can construct your motor.

Acquittal the hoops of above that are to open tins. It ties one of the hoops to the thread, the other end of the thread ties it to means of the puntabola of plastic. It places tins with a separation of 6 cm to 10 cm. It places the puntabola (they say ball point pen to him in some countries) on tins, so that the hoop balances as a a height of 3 cm of the table on which you have placed tins. It connects a cable (holding with sticky tape) to the tin of the right (you do not forget to peel the plastic isolation), this it will be the cable to connect to earth and the other end must be connected to earth as a water sink, or to the Earth of the computer, if there is no earth, you can hold the cable (bare) with the hands, because your beams a good conección to earth. It connects the other cable to the other tin (the one of the right). Its other end will be connected to a source of high voltage. This is easier than it sounds, because an inoffensive source of high voltage is the computer monitor or the TV. Equipment is placed on the TV. 30 cm in length in the screen are pressed an aluminum lamina piece of about. It is strained because the screen is loaded of electricity. It connects the cable of the right tin to the aluminum lamina. Equipment begins to work when igniting the TV. The hoop is attracted by one of tins and when it hits it, it is attracted on the other broad and the action is repeated.

Does Porquó happen this?

Within the TV there is a generator of high voltage that is used to send electrons to the screen and which they create the images. When placing a driver of great size in the screen we constructed a capacitor that load in form similar to the batteries of the cars and we were used the electricity outside the TV. The voltage with which load our capacitor is high, but has very little current, so that if we touched the lamina, the unloading is not more dangerous than if we walked soon by a carpet and we touched the latch of the door. The tin of the right is connected to the high voltage and the one of the left to earth, reason why the electricity goes away to earth. The electrons of the tin of the right attract the hoop, when touching this one to the tin, load with the same type of electricity and as two objects loaded with the same type of electricity are repelled, the hoop is sent towards the other tin, where unloading and repeats the process.

Another version

This equipment is called “the bells of Franklin”, North American scientist, that, as already you know, the electricity produced by rays studied. It used equipment to detect rays in storms. It connected one of cables to his lightning rods and the other to an iron water pump, that for of earth. Clear that it did not use drink tins, but bells. Also you can do some small balls of aluminum lamina, later to hang enters it the tins. You can make the same equipment with campanitas.
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