How To do

Today we bring a very easy experiment. The fibers flotantyes cause that the magnetic field is visible inside the bottle.


  • Magnet
  • Fine extra Virulana (steel wool to wash plates)
  • Oil flood bottle plastic for babies
  • Scissors
  • What is necessary to do?

    You must assure to obtain an oil bottle to you of baby with paper label. The one is not used that has label guinea fowl. Better still, it tries to find a bottle that has label in a single side. If the bottle has labels in both sides, it is necessary to clear the one of a side of the oil bottle. This with the help of hot water can be done, soon you must clean it with white alcohol of pharmacy.

    You must obtain ultra-thin steel wool, of the type who is used to wash plates. The one of golden or copperplated color cannot be used. Any measurement can be used, but the fine one will work better.

    Soon you must cut with scissors the steel wool in short pieces, as of 1 mm in length. Soon it is necessary to throw as a spoon of fibers within the oil bottle for baby, tries of which they are not crowded together so that they do not go away to the bottom of the bottle. If you use many fibers, these were crowded and they will go away too much soon to the bottom. If you use very few, you will not be able to observe them.

    After placing fibers in the oil, closes the bottle and shakes it with force so that the fibers are distributed uniformly in the oil. If you have difficulty when finding a magnet, you can obtain it from a loudspeaker in disuse or any other object that uses magnets. Also you can use magnets of a battery small engine discarded. While the steel fibers are still floating in the oil, it places a magnet to a flank of the bottle and observes very small fibers; they will align themselves with the magnetic field of the magnet and they will show a three-dimensional figure to us (3D). You can place the bottle next to a shining light to observe better the figure against the white bottom of the label. The fibers begin to fall to the bottom in 10 or 15 seconds, so that there is to shake quite often to continue experimenting. If the fibers are crowded in the direction of the magnet, it means that this one is closely together, you must maintain to the magnet to a distance of about 3 cm.

    Several types of bottle can be used and we will observe the magnet magnetic field different


    The magnetic field can be seen using steel wool fiber. But you knew that there are other types of fields aside from the magnetic one? The electric fields, electrostatic fields, or fields of voltage exist. The electric fields exist where there is an electrical charge. We can rub a globe in the clothes and cause that it attracts our hair. The electric field is the one that it attracts the hair. As well as the metal fibers can be used pair to see the magnetic field, we can use the hair to see the electric field.

    You must do the same one that in the previous experiment, but in you see use steel wool fibers you must use hair. If you are not wanted to be bald nor to cut the hair of your sister, you can use the artificial hair of the carnival masks. The black and straight hair is the best one. Black hair or black fibers is used so that they are observed better. Like above takings a little hair cut in very small pieces and you place them in an oil bottle for baby and shake with force. The Bottle to see the electric field works better with objects as globes, plastic combs, etc. You can comb your hair soon you place the comb near the bottle and will observe as the fibers are aligned slowly to show the electric field to us generated by the comb. When loading an object by contact (friction) the humidity of the environment must be very low, if the experiment is much humidity will not work. I have a machine that generates static electricity, but the field is so intense that the fibers remain loaded and there is no form to unload them, the only thing that is to wait for some days until the fibers unload “single”.