This experiment is very interesting from the moment at which a great Bang is listened to and seen! and it sends to a flame orange and to the bottle of film to more than six meters of height. It has many names: The electrical pump piezo, chemical tube, Flash, etc. We left names it according to your pleasure. This experiment is very easy to do, it will take about 15 minutes you and the cost is really cheap since you will use rejected materials or recyclings. The fuel you can find it in the dressing table of your mother, because it uses perfume in spray, locking device in spray for the hair or a refrescador of called breath Binaca. Equipment is very simple. A pair of cables is placed through holes in the cover. The other ends knit to a ingnitor of a lighter of cigarettes or to a lighter from kitchens to gas. Soon the elements in a wood piece mount, but you can omit this step if you wish it. In order to shoot the tube it tightens spray (it perfumes, locking device of hair or Binaca) within the bottle of film, presses against the cover and it presses the button of the lighter. With a great Bang! and a color flame orange, the small bottle raises high in the air. With something of practice to place the exact amount of fuel, you will be able to cause that the bottle raises until a 10 meters in the air. If you use very little or much combustible, it will not work or it will raise very little. Finished equipment you can see it above, and alongside the first fuel that we used donated by a person who did not suspect it. Here you can see the bottle with the cleared cover, you can see cables both leaving the cover. paragraph (); The wood block has a hole in an end to hold the ignitor of lighter from kitchen to gas. Also you can make two holes to make pass through them the cables of the ignitor that go until the cover of the bottle or simply places the wires directly towards the cover superficially. Here there is an approach of the cables that make possible the spark. I recommend you that they are separated to 1 mm, more or less, although this part is not critical. As long as the ends of cables are sufficiently together, a spark will jump when pressures the ignitor. Here I show the ignitor to you with welded cables its contacts; there are many classes of ignitores, those that are used for cigarette lighters are very expensive, I recommend those to you of lighter from kitchens to gas. Down there is another disarmed ignitor, is easy to disarm with few tools. Down you can see another greater ignitor. Some have cables already to make the connections, other times you must weld to you yourself cables.


Whereas the perfume works (it contains alcohol mainly) best fuels rather well are the Locking device for Hair and Binaca. The locking device has alcohol, propane, butane and isobutano (these gases are to high pressure in the bottle in the form of liquid and when leaving the bottle becomes gas again). These gases are excellent fuels. The ‚Äútrick‚Ä? consists of maintaining spray to a distance of about 8 centimeters of the bottle of film, so that the locking device becomes gas inside the bottle. In order to explode you need an inflammable gas, oxygen and a source of heat that begin the reaction. If we used a gas as the propane or steam of the alcohol, we will only need a spark to ignite them. The bottle of film only can be loaded with a small amount of fuel, so that he is quite safe to shoot in the house. The bottle is of smooth and light plastic and can land on the people without messing up hair them. But it takes off enough with speed, so that he is not recommendable closely together to place the head during the launching. The gas needs the oxygen of the air to explode; when burning itself, energy due to the formation of chemical connections between the ax√≠geno in the air is freed and the coal and hydrogen of gases of the fuel (spray) This energy warms up the gases that are from the violent oxidation (it calls). These gases are carbon dioxide and aqueous vapour (H2 Or) (CO2). As they are warmed up, they expand. This expansion pushes all the interior of the bottle, that separates quickly of the cover and raises the air. In any case you can make experiments with pure alcohol of pharmacy, but you must pulverize it when to insert to the bottle.


The ignitor is a piezoelectric generator. The word piezo comes from the Greek that means to press. A piezoelectric substance generates electricity when is pressed it. The classic example of a piezoelectric substance is the quartz crystal. The quartz is made of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms. These atoms are ordered in rows. Cutting with taken care of crystals we can cause that the atoms remain parallel to the surface of cuts, as is down in the diagram (that I lent myself of the gringitos): When it is applied to the crystal, the loaded oxygen atoms negatively move more in relation to loaded silicon atoms positively. This causes that the electrons in the metal contacts move, generating electricity. The piezoelectric material in the ignitor is not quartz, but an artificial ceramics that has been formed under an electric field of high voltage to align the loads in this one. These ceramic done by the man can generate stops voltages. The ignitor maintains the element of ceramics in a plastic container, has a small hammer with means. When pressing the button, the hammer hits against the ceramics. The resulting electricity goes by cables and jumps between the bare ends, igniting the fuel with the air.


You can use wheels of toys to construct more interesting equipment to see. These subject to the flanks of a wood piece. A wood piece, some perforations and the positioning of other elements and you will have a tube as which you can see in the video of above. The tube is placed in an angle of 45 degrees so that it arrives more far possible, but as the plastic is light, will not raise high altitude (at the most about 10 meters) Good, that they are amused armed the tube. Ah! , just in case, a single fuel spraying can be used until for three firings, simply places the bottle in the cover and warms up with the hand, until the remaining fuel becomes gas again, presses the ignitor and shoots again more.
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