This it is a simple experiment with which we are going to see c? mo is possible to turn aside a water spurt without getting to touch it. For it we are going to use the electricity est? tica.

Qu? it is needed?

  • A rubber globe or any object that can be loaded? ctricamente easily: comb, tube of pl? stico, etc
  • A piece of pa? or of wool or one chompa or any other fabric.
  • C? does mo become?

    1. - The faucet is opened and the water is regulated until obtaining is a fine and regular spurt. It opens or it closes the faucet slowly until the spurt is fine and regular. (NOTE: you don't pay attention to the figure that s? it is it for demostraci? n)

    2. - We loaded a globe or any object? ctricamente (with electricity est? tica). For it we have to rub the globe with a piece of pa? or of wool or some fabric. 

    3. - One approaches with well-taken care of the globe the water spurt. we must have well-taken care of which the water does not get wet or touches. It observes c? mo desv? to the spurt.


    Qu? it happens?

    When an object of rubber as the globe or pl rubs? stico with pa? or of wool, one of both bodies loses electrons and the other gains them, so that they are positively loaded one and the other negatively. Meaning that is the globe with a load? does ctrica and when it approaches the water spurt, this load attract mol? culas of water.

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