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The Solar kitchen with Panels of the Press

Figura 1: It cooks To pave

The Solar Kitchen of Panels was designed to be constructed with materials recyclings and common tools, are a homemade solar kitchen that it can take place in great amounts.

She is light and easy to keep, easy to clean, easy to handle and it is folded to travel. The cost of the materials by unit and six frying pans (rectangular kettles) is smaller of 10 $ U.S. (about 70 Versus) the materials can be acquired in El Alto and it is required very little capital to begin a business.

The Solar key it Kitchen of Paneles (CSP) is the plates of aluminum impression. All press, office or newspaper use these plates. The cost of one of these plates for the use in a kitchen solar is of approximately 20 dollars (more or less 1 ' 25 dollars/kilogram). These plates are used for the outer box as well as it passes the interior and the reflectors. The plates must stand out and enlist to a rectangular wood frame of about 385 mm x 960 mm; The zone of isolation is of 30 mm where we will put old rags, natural fibers, Fiberglass, etc.; and the window will be done of a crystal lamina or plastic (or film) of 370 mm x 955 mm We recommended that the frame and the plates of impression go subject (grapados, beating,…).

Approximately 2,400 cm ² of aluminum plate will be necessary to make a frying pan of about 20 cm x 27,5 cm x 5,5 cm with cover.  The cost of the material is inferior to 0 ' 30 dollars by frying pan! In addition, the aluminum of that is done is quite strong. Anyway, it is necessary to consider that the aluminum only can bend once, because to double to the metal by the same site several times it can cause that it is broken.

The drawings are based on a plate of Heidelberg impression #102 of some 770mm quite common x 1030mm so large (we will need three plates as this one).  Another quite common plate would be one de610mm x 740mm; (with five plates as this one six frying pans would become and one it cooks). The newspapers normally use plates of 380mm x 630mm;  (ten of these plates would make six frying pans and one cooks). The approximated value of used aluminum to make a kitchen and six frying pans is of approximately 2 or 2 ' 5 dollars following the used type of plate.

Figure 2: Frying pans (Kettles)

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This unit would have to be used as guide to construct your own kitchen with the aluminum plates available in your country. The size of the plate will determine in size of the kitchen. Perhaps a small kitchen to a great one is economic you or vice versa. Also the crystal that we have will determine the size or forms of the kitchen. The area of the window and the reflector will determine the amount of food that can cook.  When the solar energy is of 4 KW/m ² or major, a window and reflector of 1 m ² side can cook of 1 to 2 kg of cereals, meat, vegetables, etc. If the reflector can adjust to the angle of the sun, will improve the yield.

More Experiments
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