How To do

The main part to make this experiment is a plastic bottle for film. The white bottles work far better that the black


  • An empty film reel bottle of 35mm and its cover. These are more and more difficult to find, but the stores that reveal films must have some.
  • An effervescent antacid tablet (as Alka-Seltzer)
  • Water
  • Protective goggles
  • What is necessary to do?

    First we cut to the fins of paper or fine cardboard.

    In the photo we have the finished rocket. Now we put the security glasses and the head was because when the experiment works, the film reel really flies!

    To break the tablet of antacid to half.

    To retire the cover of the film reel and to put a teaspoon (5 ml) of water in the container.

    To make next the 2 steps quickly

    To let fall half of the tablet in the boat and fit the cover in the container (to make sure that one is based firmly.) to down put quickly the boat in the side of the cover ground mouth and one step back at least 2 meters.

    About 10 seconds later, will be listened to a MGP! and the film reel will be sent in the air!

    Precaution: If one does not begin, it is expected at least 30 seconds before examining the boat. Generally, the cover did not tighten the sufficient thing and the gas accumulation filtered.


    When it is added the water begins to dissolve the tablet of Alka-Seltzer. This creates the call carbon dioxide that is a gas. As carbon dioxide is freed, pressure inside the film reel is created. To greater amount of gas, more pressure is accumulated until the cover leaves downwards and the rocket leaves shot. This system of push is as a true rocket works if it is here in the deep space or in the Earth atmosphere. By all means, the real rockets use fuel for rockets.