it works with hydrogen

After see in the network some commercial rockets that work with hydrogen as fuel, I decided to make one more caretaker. Down I could be seen a rocket of the commercial type.

The ignitor is a simple wire of nicromo; the hydrogen is obtained by electrólisi of the water in a tube that soon ignites by means of the wire of nicromo. But in our rocket the ingición will be with a spark of high voltage.

The rocket in if and all the others take control of tube of PVC and laminae of plastic. For the cone he is recommendable to use a smooth end (plastoform) to avoid accidents.

It arrives is possible to be seen that a multiplying circuit of voltage has been used to be able to obtain the spark. It is possible to be obtained from a disposable camera that has flash. Also a ignitor can be used as the one that we see in our Catalogue. This last one is much more easy to use in the rocket.

The water that is placed in the base of the rocket separates in dus two main components (electrolysis) hidrógeneo and oxygen, by means of two electrodes. These obtained electrodes are simple you trumpet of mineral coal of batteries.

In the drawing of above the principle of operation of the rocket with hydrogen fuel can be seen.

It arrives is possible to be seen the base where the water for electrolysis and the circuit is placed to make the spark within the tube.

As it is seen in the photo of above, the rocket has in its interior a piston that introduc in the tube of the thrower or is based. When electrolysis of the water is obtained, it is accumulated inside the launching tube hydrogen and oxygen. When doing to jump the spark in these gases takes place a species of explosion that shoots to the rocket to a considerable height. In fact it is not a rocket because it does not have own propulsion, but is classified it as a projectile.



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