Level: Basic

    • White vinegar.
    • Crude egg.
    • Great bottle of mouth widens and covers.


  1. Full the bottle with white vinegar.
  2. With taken care of not breaking it, it places the crude egg within the bottle with vinegar.
  3. It places the cover to the bottle.
  4. It verifies once in a while what it happens to him to the egg after 24 and 48 hours (you do not have to shake the bottle.)

What happens

    The rind of eggs is compound of calcium carbonate and the chemical name of the vinegar is acid acetic. When the vinegar, that is to say, the acetic acid reacts with calcium carbonate of the egg, it dissolves slowly and carbon dioxide bubbles form. These bubbles stick to the surface of the egg and they become numerous more and more. After some 24 to 48 hours, the rind will have dissolved and it will only be a membrane that contains all the parts of the egg in its interior.

Egg of Colors

    You can cause that the egg finishes in any color adding colouring for foods to the vinegar. Only agregua around 10 drops of dye to the vinegar, or the sufficient thing as coloring all the vinegar container.

Egg that Shines

    On the other hand, as far as the “EFFECT EGG THAT SHINES”, after to have obtained the inflatable and taken off egg successfully, some tricks can be done… Extinguish the light and ignite a light bulb of color next to her. Simple as that! Now, you see it shining!

Experiments for Fairs of Sciences - M. Vargas