The laser is a tool with many uses. One of the uses is so that it serves to us as distance measurer. With the help of a sharpshooting laser, some other materials and something of trigonometry, a certain distance with the light can be measured.

      ATTENTION: Although they are possible to be acquired freely, the leaders laser are not toys. The leaders laser have little power, but it is a ray of light of much intensity and can cause extensive and permanent damage in the eyes. The laser is never due to aim at our eyes or those of another person. To handle the well-taken care of laser with when doing the experiments.


    •  Sharpshooting Laser
    •  50/50 Splitter of Beam (beam to splitter)
    • Mirror of first surface *
    • Transporter
    • Table to mount the laser and the optical part
    • Devices to mount everything (the design we left it in your hands)

      *Cuando works with light is needed this type mirrors, that do not have painting covering in the silver-plated part, so that this silver-plated part is used so that the thickness of the glass does not distort the light beam. 


      It places and it holds the sharpshooting laser in the end of an agglomerate or wood board. If the leader does not have a permanent switch who maintains the ignited laser, you will have to change the switch.

      The splitter of beam or beam to splitter must be mounted of way like the beam of the laser is divided in an angle of 90 degrees

      The revolving mirror is placed to 1 meter of distance of the center of the beam splitter. It must be on a support that can be of wood or another material. The transporter pays attention permanently underneath the revolving mirror, so that it shows a reading of 0 when the beam of the laser is directed back from the place where is the beam splitter. Also it is possible to be caused that both beams project to each other in a wall to 1 meter of distance. This way equipment this ready one to be used.


      Down a drawing can be seen of how all the accessories are placed.



      Wall places the distance measurer on a table to certain distance of lla or of some object, so that the beam that indicates the unknown distance X can be seen clearly. The maximum distance will determine it the power of the laser. It remembers: ël beam to splitter divides the beam of original laser in two beams, so that both beams have half of the brightness of the original beam. The assembly board must be parallel to the wall.


      Now the revolving mirror adjusts so that both beams are superposed in the object or wall cuaya distabncia we wished to calculate. Soon the displacement of the revolving mirror in the transporter is read to obtain the reflected angle of rifling. 



      Now we have a triangle rectangle and we know one the angles and its adjacent side. Everything what we must do is to apply the formula of the tangent compute the range X.


      tangent of the angle =

      side opposed
      adjacent side



      tangent of the angle =

      1 meter

      In order to solve X:

      X = (tangent of the angle) (1 meter)


      Other uses for the measurer of distances can be found, one of these can be measuring of angles.


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