• Transparent container for water 
  • A jar
  • Colouring blue for cakes or red blue.
  • A funnel  
  • Dryer for hair 
  1. We take the container, that can be of plastic or glass heat-resistant Pyrex.
  2. It spills hot water in the container.
  3. Now it takes the cold water and it spills some drops of colouring eaten or to color cakes. Also blue red can be used..
  4. It takes the jar with the cold water colored and viértela in the container underneath the hot water. This operation is due to do by far well-taken care of with the help of a funnel. Note that gua warms up and the cold water are not mixed. This represents what it happens with the phenomenon of the Boy, where the warm water of the surface of the sea prevents that the cold water leaves to the surface.
  5. When blowing the air of the dryer for hair, the hot water will move to the other side of the container. The cold water will leave to the surface near the dryer, having replaced the hot water. With this we represented the wind that blows on the surface of the sea
  6. It extinguishes the dryer for hair and it looks at the place where are the cold water and the hot water. Does the water return now to the conditions of the Boy who the stopped wind to?

The phenomenon of the Boy is a cyclical climate change (that happens once in a while) and that brings about damage at world-wide level, being affected South America and the zones between Indonesia and Australia, having caused in this way the heating of American waters south.

Its name talks about the boy Jesus, because the phenomenon happens approximately in the time of Christmas in the Pacific Ocean, by the coast oste of the South of America. The name of the phenomenon is Oscillation of the South the Boy, ENSO by its abbreviations in English. It is a syndrome with more than 7 millenia of occurrence.

In the tropical Pacific Ocean “the Boy” is detected by means of different methods, that floating satellites and buoys go from to analysis of the sea level, obtaining important data on the conditions in the surface of the ocean. For example, the buoys measure the temperature, the currents and the winds in the equatorial band, all this information transmit the investigators worldwide.


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