One fills two or more disposable bottles with earth and a little water is added.

Two orifices to the flanks become of the bottle.

The bottles with a hose of plastic transparency are connected. It is necessary to make sure that there is not space between the hose and the bottle so that the ants do not escape.

It looks for anthills in your garden or near your house. You will know that it is an anthill if you see a wall in the form of cone composed of small sand grains, with a small entrance in the part superior.

Also you can follow an ant and it will take you to his anthill. If you see a group of ants, follow them until his nest.

It observes the anthill well and the ants, if they are of red color is better not to bother them so that they do not bite to you bites. The brown ants of field are a good option.

So many ants are due to collect as it is possible. This is made at heart leaving something of water with sugar of a bottle that no longer is used.

The ants will not reproduce unless you include an ant reigns in your farm. The queen of the colony of ants puts all the eggs, the ants workers (those who probably you see near the surface of the anthill) normally are sterile. Therefore, if you want to see the ants depositing its eggs, you need an ant reigns, but to do it you will have to destroy the natural colony of ants.

If you create a farm without a queen, the ants probably die in 3 or 4 weeks, that are their natural cycle of life.

It is possible even to be dug in an anthill to remove to the larvae and the queen and thus to have already ready your experiment.

It is necessary to place so many ants as it is possible. Every second day the covers are opened and they are dropped drops of honey of bees, water, sugar and bread.



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