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Reflecting Solar furnace of Open Box

I have construído the reflecting solar furnace of Roger Bernard and it gave good results me.

The solar furnace was designed to replace the kitchen of Box for small amounts of food. The given dimensions are appropriate only for a person.

In order to cook, Roger says that a salad bowl of Pyrex or a plastic stock market is used to bake, but as in Bolivia these with much facility cannot be obtained, simply I used one cerola of aluminum and some of my students used until simple tins of dust conserves and milk with excellent results.

Our furnace has four panels (to see figure 3 more down) the light that is reflected in the fourth panel is going to stop panels 1 and 2 from where it is reflected to the container. To this design Roger design “reflecting open box? calls it (CAR, or ROB in English) to distinguish it of the original design of the solar kitchen of panels (CSP).

How it is constructed

It begins with rectangular cardboard box a quite high. In one of the wide faces it draws up a line (BC) to 5 centimeters (approx) of the base. Soon it cuts the songs of the box (AB and DC) stopping in B and C respectively. It doubles frontal panel ABCD towards outside, using BC as hinge. It sticks a few rectangular cardboard pieces in the base of the box, to raise the base until BC.

It cuts and it doubles another cardboard piece in such a way that you can put it in the box to train panels 1 and 2 (figure 3). The angle formed by these panels must be fit at the time of the construction. When smaller it is the angle, will concentrate the sunlight more, but, it will frequently need to be fit. Any angle between 60º and 90º seems to work well. It covers this piece with paper with aluminum, as well as reflectors 3 and 4.

; furnace that is in the photography has the following dimensions: Length 46 cm; width: 32 cm; stop: 42 cm. These dimensions correspond to a reflecting area of about 5,000 cm ² that give sufficient heat to cook for two people. You can use a wood ribbon to fit the frontal panel (figure 4). The notch of the ribbon that there is next to the panel is for being able to close the panel to keep the kitchen. Heavy stones or objects in the triangular holes that there are behind panels 1 and 2, to cause that the kitchen is the more stable against the wind, etc. can be put.

In summary, the furnace seems to be more advisable and efficient than the CSP regular domestic use. Of course, that if what we needed it is a light and folding kitchen, the CSP with a furnace stock market is the best election.

More Experiments
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