This it is a simple solar furnace of the type of concentration that can generate sufficiently high temperatures as fusing aluminum and other metals. Following the instructions that are detailed more down a solar furnace of the size can be constructed that is desired.

It consists of small mirrors that stick in an end with silicone and soon bolts adjust by means of some so that the rays of the sun go towards a single point or center. Therefore, the total area of the concentrator is the sum of all the mirrors, which allows that high temperatures are reached.


We will need: 36 small mirrors of 3 cm by 3 cm, a lamina or panel of heavy wood venesta of 30 xs 30 cm, small bolts, silicone glue.


1.Primero we must take each one of the small mirrors and we placed them on the board to see the disposition of these. Soon we must mark and perforate in the places designated for the bolts. The symbol in the part left inferior denotes the place where it will stick with silicone.

2. As it is observed in the drawing, we must place each one of the small mirrors with a drop of silicone in one of the corners, but before we must underneath place a piece of palito of toothpick, soon on this we dropped the drop of silicone, this drop will serve as hinge to accommodate the mirror to us.

3. At the most small they are the mirrors greater will be the heat than it is obtained in the center. In order to fit the mirrors we must cover with paper or insulating tape all the mirrors except which one is near the center. This it will serve as reference to fit the other to us. We take the panel and we removed it to an ample place and with sun, we placed to about 50 cm a white fine cardboard object or piece that will serve to us as reference target. We fit the mirror without covering (by means of the bolts) until she is horizontal with respect to the panel. We move all the panel until the light that is reflected of the mirror arrives at the reference target. Now we opened another one of the mirrors and we fit the screws until the light that reflects agrees with the reflection of the other mirror in the reference target. We cover this fit mirror just and we opened another one, repeating the procedure. Soon we do the same with all the other mirrors.

When all the mirrors have adjusted so that the light that reflect goes to a single point, we opened them and we make small adjustments if it is necessary.

A panel of 6 by 6 mirrors is quite safe to experiment, but we remember that he can do that a heavy black stock market can melt in seconds. Soon we can undergo with greater panels and a greater number of mirrors. It is possible to be tried with an adjustment of 16 xs 16 mirrors or until greater.


If a great panel is constructed, this he must be place setting when he is not used. As the sun moves, the center of the panel can cause a fire. In addition he is recommendable to use dark glasses and gloves, because the temperatures that are obtained can get to be very high.


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