simple l experiment that we will do can be used in the class of physics and in the laboratory to even make experiments that demand little or almost no friction in a mobile. Meaning that it is possible to be used when we needed to make experiments and we did not count on an air rail. On the rail cars are placed that slide on an air cushion that forms between the rail and the car. The cars move in essence without friction. This equipment does not have friction either and it is possible to be used to undergo the shock of objects of different mass. .


We will use:

  • A rubber globe
  • A discarded CD
  • A plastic bottle for films
  • A cover of ball-point pen and rubber bands.

    First we must take the bottle photographic film and to make a hole in his base through where it must pass the cover of ball-point pen. Any can be used tubito of plastic, but both ends must be open to allow the passage of the air. Soon we glued the bottle of plastic to the CD, just in center, as it is seen in the photo of down.

    So that the device works simply takes the globe and is inflated it, Soon the fuze in the ball-point pen tube is placed and it subjects with banditas of rubber. The air does not have to escape so pressure in the part of above of the fuze becomes.

    When loosen the globe, the air leaves first entering by the tube the ball-point pen slowly and leaving by the part inferior the CD. A “mattress” of air takes place that raises all the conjuto slightly, but is sufficient as so that slipping on the surface almost without friction.

    Down you can see a VIDEO that in detail explains the construction of this simple experiment: the Hover Globe.