An interferometer is equipment that is used so that the light waves interfere with some with others.

Following how the weapon, can be used to measure distances with much presición.

In this experiment we will show as equipment of this type works using few materials and tools.


We will use the material siguentes:

A solar cell.

A laser leader

A mirror

Step 1 Tomamos a solar calculator and we cleared the cover to him to be able to accede to the solar cell.

Step 2 Now we took some pliers from cuts and we cleared the cables that are welded to the calculator.


In the photo of above it is possible to be seen as arms all the set. The cover of plastic transparency is used to hold the solar cell in its right place on the beam of the laser. This allows that the solar cell catches something of the light beam after to be reflected by the mirror. most of the light beam is directed by the mirror towards the laser. A metal bra is used for the laser and at the same time it pushes the button of on-off.

The solar cell is connected to a small amplifier, but also the entrance of microphone of an amplifier can be used.

The laser in a sharpshooting laser has two flat parts in the ends that act as mirrors, causing that the light is reflected time and time again among them. When moving the light towards both end of the chip of the laser, this one adds something of energy to the light beam whenever it happens, which amplifies the light. Something of the light arrives through chip (since the mirror is not perfectly opaque) and thus we obtain a light beam concentrate.

Espejoque we placed becomes part from the laser when it again redirects it towards the laser and soon towards the chip, and so a little is amplified more.

The light also interferes with itself and when the waves are in phase, they have more brightness of the normal thing and when they are outside phase it has less brightness arriving at the almost complete darkness. This produces dark the shining lines and, as rays of the zebras. Some of these rays arrive solar wing cell and generate electricity that hae that the loudspeaker moves.

We move the mirror slightly touching it with the fingers. This changes the landlord of rays and a noise in the loudspeaker when moving takes place the lines through the cell solar, the more acute the sound, then the more fast the mirror moves.

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