• In order to make this robotic hand (to gripper) simply I used materials that were at the hand.
  • Actuators: an actuator with two exits or arms.

A simple robot with caterpillar needed a hand that could take things. The hands of the robots are known as “grippers?.

Gripper of my robot only must take objects and the robot moves them from a side to another one. This causes that the construction is simplified.

The maximum distance in which it can open the fingers is of some 60mm. The fingers simpre will be parallel with the design that is. As it is seen each finger has a pair of arms that are separated a distance of 4mm what it allows them to move to 45

 °. The Actuator is connected using screws and small tubito separating.

The internal part of the fingers has some neoprene tapes that they prevent that the hand makes much pressure on the objects that takes.

Vista of down

As it is seen above, both sets of arms subject to an aluminum plate. This plate subjects to the base of the robot as well.

The material that was used is aluminum aluminum and profiles.

It is possible to use different materials and profiles.

In this gripper profiles squared of 10x10 mm and profiles in the form of Or of 12x10 were used

Down you can see a tutorial video on the construction of a complete robotic arm

Down you can see a tutorial video on the construction of a complete HYDRAULIC arm