Level: B? sico

    Cient? fico Torricelli Gospeller (1608-1647) shelp that we lived at heart on an air sea. On each of our heads we have approximately 2 tons of air that exert one presi? was n of 101300 N/m2 Torricelli the one who descubri? that the air does presi? does n exceed we and construy? the first bar? meter.

    • Great bottle
    • Glass
    • Paper, fine cardboard or postcard
    • Table
    • Rule
    • Fabric piece

    Figure 1Bar? meter of mercury

      A bar? is meter of mercury a system precise and relatively simple to measure the changes of presi? n atmosf? rich. To the sea level, and in conditions atmosf? rich normal, the weight of atm? sfera makes raise mercury 760 mm by a calibrated glass tube. To greater altitude, does mercury raise less because the air column located on the bar? meter is smaller. C? is mo possible that we do not notice resemblance presi? n. Is the answer that all our interior est? also to that same presi? n. If at a certain time all the air of atm? would sfera disappear of the Earth, literally to explode? masters due to presi? n of our interior that not to be? to resisted.
      Although in the Earth surface everything est? put under presi? n of the air, is possible to make experiments that show this to us that we finished saying.
        Full a glass of water until the edge. Pon on? l a fine cardboard or a postcard (if you do not have uses a sheet of paper). Give the return him with well-taken care of and observe as the water does not fall. The air that pushes the paper underneath, to be? to able to maintain the water of a glass of 10 ms of height.

        Figure 4 - Source

          RULE AND TABLE

            Pon one regulates in the edge of a table in such a way that it shows half more or less. It covers with a leaf with peri? dico half that is on the table, Gives a dry blow on the rule piece that is seen. It observes as one does not fall. The force that exerts the air on the leaf of peri? dico prevents it.
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