Electrostatic motor with CD

This it is a simple electrostatic motor that one becomes from Disco Compatcto (CD). What denemos to do it is:

1. - We took a disc and we in center placed a glass tube to him with bse cleared. A test tube will work to the perfeccción.

Soon we must mount in a base of a material nondriver (wood, plastic, etc) three rods, two of plastic or wood and one of metal. The central rod must have a long nail so that it works of pivot of the disc, whereas the rod that is placed to the sides must have smaller and placed nails to the same height.

If we phelp attention with well-taken care of to the drawing we will notice that the isolated rod must have a cablecito to be able to connect in this generating equipment of static electricity. The metallic rod is due to connect to earth.

In the photo of down we can see all the motor working perfectly. The aluminized part of the CD takes off simply with the help of some dissolvent or scraping the surface with care.

The CD motor works with an electrostatic machine that has voltage not very high, reason why it is possible to be made work with the Van de Graaf whose cinstrucción is detailed in this same page.

Electrostatic motor with compact disc.

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