The energy comes in many forms. The electrical energy can be turned into useful work, or mechanical energy, by means of motor called machines electrical. The electrical motors work due to the electromagnetic interactions: the interaction of the current (the electron flow) and a magnetic field.

What is needed?

  • Two clips unmissable
  • Enameled copper wire Not 28 (or whatever it is had by hand)
  • Magnet (of ceramics or better neodymium)
  • A rubber band
  • Blade or scissors
  • What is necessary to do?

    First debenmos to prepare the coil of the motor. Enrrollamos on the same battery dries some 50 returns of the enameled wire, leaving to both ends about 10 cm of wire. With those same ends we held to the coil enrrollando some three returns, as it is seen in the drawing.

    Soon it takes a blade and acquittal half superior scraping the isolation from the cable in each free end of the coil. Of one of the ends HALF of the isolation only takes off, this is the trick so that the motor works suitably.

    Now we placed both unmissable to each side of the dry battery and we held them with a rubber band. Immediately we placed to the center the motor coil delm.

    In the drawing down all the details of the assembled one of the motor are seen.

    What happens?

    The safety pins and the enameled wire created a closed circuit that can take current. The current flows from the negative terminal of the dry battery, through circuit, and to the positive terminal of the battery. The current in a curl also closed creates its own magnetic field.

    In our case, the current travels through the coil that hcimos, which denominates armor of the motor. This current induces a magnetic field in the coil, which help to explain why the coil turns.

    The magnets have two poles, north and the south. The North-South poles are attracted to each other, and praises poles north-north and south-south they are repelled to each other. Then a part of the magnetic field of the coil will be repelled and caused that the coil continues turning.

    Then, why we needed to clear the isolation of a single side of the cable? We need a form to break the circuit periodically so that one ignites and it extinguishes in time with the rotation of the coil. Otherwise, the magnetic field of the copper coil would be aligned with the magnetic field of the magnet and would stop moving because both fields would be attracted to each other. The form in which we formed our motor does that whenever the current moves through the coil (giving a magnetic field him), the coil is in a good position to be repelled by the magnetic field of the stationary magnet. Whenever coil not repels actively (during those intervals of seconds in that the circuit is dull), the impulse takes it until it is in the correct position to complete the circuit, to induce a new magnetic field again and to be repelled by the magnet.

    It is possible that you need to give a slight tap to the coil so that the motor starts up. Once in movement, the coil can continue turning until the dry battery is run out.