The “EDISON Project� for the Spreading of Science and the Technology, is an Organization for charity whom it mainly looks for to popularize science and the technology.
1. - Our mission
1.1 - To popularize Science and the Technology.

1.2 - To foment the fairness and the potentiality of the people by means of Acceso to excellent Information and the Promotion of - the Learning in Sciences and the Technology.
1.3 - To impel the Scientific and Technological Alphabetization.
2. - Our principles
2.1 - All the people have the capacity to learn and to improve the world that surrounds to them. The mathematical one, sciences and the technology affect of conscious or unconscious way to young people and adults, in their private and public lives.
2.2 - The educators and the ancestors need Support to guide the young people in the development of a critical attitude, the permanent search of the knowledge and the impulse of their potentialities.
2.3 - The nice, useful and contextualised learning motivates the people.
3. - Public to that our programs and products are destined
3.1 - Students, educators, centers educative, fans to different fields from sciences, public generally.
4. - Programs
The EDISON Project will realise the following programs:
4.1 “Mathematical for the Family�
Program of production of educative materials for mathematics.
4.2 “We play science�
Program of spreading of experiments with materials recyclings and caretakers to foment the learning and use of sciences in families of low resources.
4.3 “the participation of the Woman in the Scientific and Technological Development of Bolivia�
Program to make know the active participation the woman in the development of the different scientific disciplines in our country.
4.4 “Festivals of Sciences�
Programs in which it is tried to generally arrive at the public with samples and experiments that will be carried out in the places more concurred of our city and the rear area.
4.5 “Cientikit�
Program of development of equipment and experiments for laboratories of schools with few resources using material recyclings and of low cost. It also understands chats and seminaries as much to educators as to students, for the implementation of laboratories and construction of equipment.
This program has been developed in which now it is the called institution Cientikit Inc. Instruments By means of this provide all class from equipment and instruments to Universities, Institutes and Schools, as well as exhibitions for Museums of Sciences with materials of high quality.
4.6 “WARA�
Program of design, development and implementation of equipment, devices and techniques for the improvement of the quality of life in the rural area. It includes the sections of: alternative energies, alternative application of the technology and cultures. It is promoted directly through seminaries dictated in the rural area to the comunarios.
The Exploratory one is a combination of Planetarium and Interactive Museum, that not only will be used for the urban zones but also the rural areas. It has as an aim to disclose scientific knowledge of a pleasant and attractive way. At the moment already we counted on great part of the equipment stops the future in being able to construct to a great intercativo center of sciences and nonformal education.
5. - Agreements of cooperation
5.1 - The agreements and other alliances with public universities and ministries of science, technology, education and culture, will allow to combine efforts and to extend the effects of our programs to young people and adults in all the country.
5.2 - The “Edison Project� has programmed the identification and brought to Bolivia of experts and experts in the education of mathematics and sciences. In addition to the direct benefits of these visits (factories, chats, etc.), these will impel the elaboration of national programs, that soon will benefit to thousands from Bolivians in later years. These intense and fruitful programs will not be possible without the support of private enterprise and the joint work with the state universities and the ministry of education science and technology.
6. - Subjects have to be developed
the 6.1 “Skies on Bolivia�
This monthly leaf of astronomical events will be produced and distributed between the affiliates and during special events to promote the observation of the sky at first nocturne.

feria1 Miguel A. Vargas is at the moment Director of the Project and CEO of Cientikit Instruments. In order to know how to more envelope he to click in the photo.

The “Edison Project� develops its subjects by means of two types different from activities; the factories and the chats of spreading.
The factories are practical activities where instruments make and it works with them to familiarize to the participants with the world of science and the instrumental operation.
We try to recreate the advance of science as one took place, making his tools, experimenting with them and making an analysis on the errors that are committed. Before finalizing the activity we offer a colloquy that helps to understand the aim of the experiment.
Thus each participant learns to elaborate his own method. He thinks and he reflects on the learned thing, and he is able to elaborate hypothesis, to propose several routes of solution, to give by good or not initial propose them, etc. WHAT WE DO IN THE ACTIVITIES?
Exercises to let think and know what is science and how it works. We try that each participant thinks and reflects on the learned thing, apart from which learns to elaborate hypothesis. It is good for breaking the thought schemes if we managed to invite to a reflection.
We try to answer all the doubts that ask to us. Because of some way we are working to create questions. A thought not always finishes in an answer, but that always begins with a question. For that reason it agrees to favor the question. The progress of the human knowledge is moderate far better by the questions that by the answers.
We philosophise to know the transcendence science. And to understand how some of their objectives, profits and advances change our form to think and to be. And of how many results of science are interpreted according to it is the form in which the world understands it.
We count anecdotes to spend a good short while. And thus we taught “how science works in fact�, disillusioning of the mythology that it tries to make think that the scientists operate exactly with proven truths; we show that many of the scientific certainties are born frequently from ambiguous results and helped to understand this powerful but fallible human creation that we called science. And if we far better do it with a smile. Science is not dogmatic nor intolerant (although many intolerant positions usually are dyed of scientists); science is sometimes even slapdash, and that side is important to show it, by that it is the most human side of science and that way to present it is the one that can more invite to know it.
We count tendencies, new features and fashions to disclose. To disclose is to spread and to present very new ideas, very complex concepts, well-known and little peculiar. Also we spoke on as they are the sharpshooting fields of study of science; we did not try to simplify the concept, if not to explain them (still with all their complexity) in a more reasonable language.
The “Edison Project� counts on a program of Membership, with a reasonable annual sum the members can accede to tours, chats, factories with experiments using material recyclings, printed material more and.
Annual membership
The adult young people and in all the country can be member. Also the service to educative, public and private institutions and other companies interested in fomenting the scientific and technological alphabetization exists.
The affiliates receive special information, publications, invitations, discounts and much more, but first of all, they support the fortification of an informed and involved public in the scientific and technological changes. Benefits
The Edison Project is continuously looking for new programs and products for its affiliates. These will receive:
Monthly Guía de Observación of the sky, Skies on Bolivia.
Periodic bulletins with information on special activities, courses and events.
Discounts in the CIENTIKIT product purchase.
Inclusion in the list of electronic shipments.
Priority and discount in courses, chats and factories.
The professional associates and categories superiors will also receive the monthly magazine “Edison�
Member U$5 contributor. - monthly
Associated professional U$15. - monthly
Active associate U$20. - monthly
Sponsoring associate U$50. - monthly
Corporative member U$100. - monthly
Corporative associate U$150. - monthly
Kinder and pre-school U$50. - monthly
Schools and U$60 schools. - monthly