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In order to make an order the respective pro forma is due to ask, in this will be the price of the product, soon is due to make the payment of 50% of the total price. Once the exhibition is ready for its shipment becomes the payment of rest 50%.

Positions by Shipment:
All the expenses of shipment run at the expense of the buyer. As well as the payments of customs in the destiny country.

Our prices change ocacionalmente. When You make an order, we provide to him with the respeciva pro forma with a fixed price that lasts of supply of 90 days. In order to make cash his order, You must carry out an advance of 50% of the total cost (including the costs of or by airmail marine shipment). the construction of () equipment (s) will not begin until this payment of advance has been received.

Two years of guarantee in cade one of our mechanical and electronic products. If some part must be replaced due to manufacture defects, simply it sends that part and we will send a spare part to him without cost some. This guarantee is limited the following conditions: we will not accept positions by the return of exhibitions or complete equipment because the shipment of equipment of tens of kilograms to only repair a part is something impráctico. Our supply does not include any maintenance or repairs in situ because the buyer can be to thousands of kilometers of distance.

What does not cover the Guarantee:
Our equipment and exhibitions try on and verify time and time again to guarantee their correct operation. In the measurement allowed by the applicable law, this guarantee will not become effective when:

a) The product would have been used in the conditions different from the normal ones. One understands of declarative way not limited more, when the present product defects or damages   derivatives of accident or negligence, blows or evidence of residues líquiedos, solids or humidity defects or damages derived from the abnormal use of the product; if the product has been exposed to corrosion, oxidation and spill of food or liquid, to influence of chemical agents, thermal or environmental humidity or extreme conditions or fast changes in those conditions.

b) By defects or damages caused by evil use of the product, when it had not been operated according to the manual of the user and instructions of the product provided by Cientikit Inc. Instruments

Another Noficicaciones Important:
Cientikit Inc. Instruments is a company that is dedicated to the investigation, development and manufacture of equipment and scientific instruments and exhibition. All the equipment count on their respective Copyrigth and Patente.

Sources of Being able:
Sources of being able standard of 220VAC are used.