In fact it is not poliacrilato snow but of sodium. One is a substance of white color, seemed to sodium bicarbonate. It does not present any scent or color. This substance is able to absorb in a few seconds 20 times its weight of water and to transform itself into a white substance settles very similar to the snow. This “artificial snow? not this to several degrees below cero, but touches with the hand note that this humid one. Its tact is equally similar. Another one of the surprising peculiarities of the poliacrilato of sodium and in similarity with the snow: if we add a handful of common salt seems that also on some seconds the snow is based tranformando itself in liquid. Property completes it is but slow to observe. If we left that artificial snow in a warm and dry site in one week becomes to transform into the original product.

The poliacrilato of sodium is not poisonous, is not dangerous, but its ingestion is not recommended.



It arrives we see two glasses, one contains a small amount of poliacrilato and the other the water that is going away to add.



In this sequence of images one sees as the volume of the poliacrilato grows. We can observe that the total volume of the formed snow is much greater than the sum of the together poliacrilato and the water (the double approximately). The hydration of the poliacritato has been realised in only 6 seconds. The phenomenon is fast and spectacular.

The “snow? does not take place if the water has dissolved to common salt or other salts of calcium or magnesium or other metals. For that reason sometimes this compound is used to determine the purity (in salts) of the water).


If we add table salt to the formed snow. The phenomenon is a little to inverse although the much more slow one.



In about 15 minutes we see as the mass of snow is liquefied similarly to as the snow when throwing to him is based salt. The resulting volume is approximately equal to the volume of the water that we used at the outset.

A little but slow is to verify as the “snow? loses little by little the water transforming itself into anhydrous poliacrilato. For that he is advisable to place the snow in a very wide and deep container and to place it in a dry and warm place. In more or less one week the air dehydrates the snow transforming itself into policarilato of the same volume that the original one. This dust can be hydrated again, although the effect is a little less spectacular because it has remained with the ions that had dissolved in the water.


If sometimes you have changed a diaper and you have noticed what they seemed small crystals in the skin of the baby, there are shortage the secret of the superabsorbent diapers and disposable, of it is here from where we will obtain the POLIACRILATO that we needed to make experiments.

1. - Taking a new disposable diaper and without using. Cortaa with taken care of the inner plating and acquittal all the material similar to the cotton. It places all the material of stuffed in a clean stock market and with rack, as it is seen in the photo of down.

It picks up all the dust of polymer that has been spilled on the paper and viértelo in stock-market with the filling. A little air in stock-market blows so that it is swollen as a pillow, soon seals stock-market. It shakes stock-market during some minutes to separate dust polymer of the filling. It observes how much dust falls to the bottom of stock-market. you already have poliacrilato for your experiments!

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