This it is a simple model of the eye that works producing true images in the “retina? of the model.

The main part of the eye is the ocular globe. In the part of ahead this the cornea and soon the crystalline that is a lens that focuses the images in the retina.


* plastic Ball

* Tube of pvc

* Convex lens (magnifying glass)

* Piece of paper onion

* circular Piece of plastic transparency



The circular plastic is taken transparency and it is thrown out of reach with silicone glue

 it warms up in an end of tube PVC

Soon the paper piece is thrown out of reach onion on the plastic transparency.

The plastic ball is cut in two halves. One becomes in a one of halves hole by

that it will happen the tube of pvc and in the other half becomes another hole where the lens is thrown out of reach (magnifying glass).

One adjusts to the distance between the magnifying glass and the paper onion until obtaining a clear image in the paper onion

Soon it is come to glue the plastic ball.









Finally the model of eye of white color is painted and it is come to observe by the end of the PVC tube.