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This solar car it is constructed with the help of few materials easy to obtain. The only problem would be the solar cell that is not easily in our means. Although solar cells discarded of machines can be used calculators.


- Pieces of plastoform

- Wheels of toy cars

- Small washers

- Tubes of puntabola of plastic

- Motor of toy car

- Thin cables

- Solar cell

- Pulleys

- Pieces of wire or palitos of pacumutu


1. As it is possible to be seen in the figure of above, we must cut a rectangular piece of plastoform to make the chassis of the car pave following the dimensions that are indicated. A car can be done of equal or so large minor. Soon some are placed in both ends rectangles of reinforcement and on these some eyebolts.

2. Soon we took some wheels from toy and we assured to these an axis to them wood pacumuto or wire. The back wheels must have a pulley and spacers.

3. As it is possible to be seen in the drawing of down, the spacers avoid that the wheels make friction against the chassis and they stop. For of pieces of puntabolas of plastic. The pulleys can be obtained from caseteras in disuse.

4. As the form is seen to place the small engine with its respective pulley on the chassis. The drive belt is of rubber and was obtained it from the same casetera of which the pulleys took off. The motor subjects simply with a tin piece or using hot silicone.

5. Soon the conecciones to the motor are made. We must have well-taken care of with the ‚Äúpolarity‚Ä? meaning that the positive pole and the negative are connected correctly to the motor, is not that when working it goes backwards. We must connect a battery to make sure that the motor turns in the appropriate direction.

6. In the photo we can see the complete and ready solar car to work. As it is possible to be noticed, we are using a quite great solar panel and is that the small engine of toy car consumes much current and would not work with a smaller panel. In case of not having by hand this type of panels we recommended to use small engines of walkman in disuse. These have in addition the advantage of which they come with his own pulley and they work with very little current.


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