Level: Primary and Secondary.

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To determine if some liquids are or nonmixtures.

- Marking of red, brown, black and green color clearly. That is not droughts. Four markers are needed.
- Covers of bottles, must be of plastic (or Petri Plates). 
- Square chalks (they do not serve the round ones).
- Also paintings of colors and a rule can be used.


1. - It is used a plate and a chalk.
2. - Full the plate almost until above with medicinal alcohol (if you do not obtain uses water).

3. - It is necessary to paint a point with the green marker, in the chalk, to a distance of the end of 1.5 cm. Leaves the marker put in the point, during about 10 to 20 seconds, so that the chalk is soaked well.

4. - As you have left 3 free faces, you do the same with the 3 markers that are. You do not forget of what point corresponds to each color! 

5. - Pon the chalk, standing up, with the end where they are the points, in the alcohol or water, within the plate. The liquid will be raising.

6. - Beam 4 drawings in your notebook, one of each face, when the alcohol takes to approximately 4 cm. Beam other four when the liquid arrives in the end.

7. - Conversation, in your notebook, the following questions:
    a) What colors you are sure that they are mixture.
    b) Why you think that some colors raise more than others.
    ANOTHER EXPERIMENT: You can use the chlorophyll of the spinach to make the same experiment, simply you must grind some spinach leaves, dissolving with something of medicinal alcohol. The green liquid that you obtain it you can analyze following the instructions of above. You will obtain some yellow colors and oranges that are the betacarotenos, etc.


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