The scientists are peculiar people who become many questions on the world that surrounds to them and deal with found the answers. The Physicists, Chemicals, Astronomers, Biologists, etc, are scientists who investigate on different subjects following an own method that them help to investigate on different subjects. This method is called “the Scientific Method”. The scientific method is a process that understands those practices used and ratified by the scientific community as valid at the time of coming with the purpose of to set out and to confirm its theories. The scientific theories, destined to somehow explain the phenomena that we observed, can lean or not in experiments that certify their validity. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make clear to only use the experimental methodologies, he is not necessarily synonymous of the use of the scientific method, or his accomplishment to the 100%. For this reason, Francis Bacon defined the scientific method of the following way:

  • Supposition - Hypothesis
  • To look with well-taken care of - Observing
  • To write - Data
  • To make drawings - Graphic Decide what means. Conclusions.

    The drawing down can serve to us to remember the general steps of the scientific method

    Thus it is defined the scientific method. Sciences exist not including in sciences natural, especially in case of sciences human and social, where the phenomena not only cannot be repeated artificially controlled and (that is in which an experiment consists), but are, by its essence, unique, for example history.

    It is easier to learn with examples, therefore we see what follows, “What falls faster to the ground, a billiard ball or a pen of bird? Beam click to know the answer.