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    Miguel Antonio Vargas Palomeque is the CEO and main investigator in Science Fácil and Cientikit the USA.

    He studied physics in the Greater University of San Andrés (UMSA), soon worked as investigating technician in the Planetary “Dr. Max Schreier” of the race of physics of the UMSA, realising tasks in Investigation and Popularizing science. Later author and director of I supplement “Technical Scientist” who he was published in the matutinal national edition premises (the Newspaper). This I supplement era of popularizing science and between its pages the construction of all type of equipment and devices could be found, in the Biology areas until mathematics and technology generally. This I supplement was published during 11 years, from 1992 to the 2000, with a total of 540 numbers. It twice obtained consecutive the national Prize of Scientific Journalism

    WRITER: Author of more than 14 texts of consultation that were published in the same newspaper (the Newspaper). Between these: “Electronic Basic”, “Dinosaurs”, “Basic Carpentry”, “Naval Model building”, “the man in the Prehistory”, “the Microscope”, “Basic Photography”, “Basic Electricity”, and “Basic Astronomy”. Other books published recently: “Experiments for Fairs of Sciences”, “Introduction to Alternative Energies”, “As constructing to Machines Electrostaticses”, “Experiments for Fairs of Sciences II”. “Beam- robotics Robots with Discarded Materials”.

    In 2001 publisher in head of the magazine “Edison”. He contains the construction of all type of equipment and scientific projects, who can be made with materials recyclings and in disuse.

    The 2003 worked for the World Bank collaborating to the Bolivian state with the implementation of the area of technology with the Educative Reformation.

    Miguel A. Vargas Palomeque, to date to writing a ten of books and shares its experience of more than 40 years in factories and conventions of educational and is invited by TV channels to show its inventions and to make demonstrations of easy science.


    Sharing in the TV

    In the presentations we realised live experiments, always with much animation and the intense participation of the public present. Exercises to let think and know what is science and how it works. We try that each participant thinks and reflects on the learned thing, apart from which learns to elaborate hypothesis. Prinicipalmente we wished to show that science is easy and experiments with homemade materials can be realised.

    Sharing in the TV

    Sharing experiments in a well-known local channel.


    Sharing with educational students and.

    Presentations in schools

    Experiments live.