Here there are 10 safety ruleses that must be followed in the laboratories of sciences to avoid accidents and injuries in the laboratory. Each group of students will take responsibility of his zone of work and its material in the laboratory.

  • The use of dressing gown is advisable, since it avoids that possible projections of chemical substances arrive at the skin. By all means in addition, you will avoid possible deteriorations in your articles to dress.
  • If you have the long hair, you must take gathered it.
  • The use of security glasses is indispensable.
  • If it is being manipulated acid rubber gloves are due to use.
  • And it would not be necessary to say this; but by all means in the laboratory final it is prohibited to smoke, neither to take eaten drinks nor.
  • In it photographs them of above is observed that all the students use laboratory dressing gown, protection glasses but there is a fault, do not take the gathered hair. Whereas in the photography down all the norms are followed.

    How to use chemical agents:

  • Before to use compound, to assure either that he is the one that is needed, to determine either the label.
  • As general rule, not to take any chemical agent. Your professor or professor will provide it to you.
  • To never give back to the bottles of origin the leftovers of products used without consulting with the professor.
  • It is very important that when the chemical agents of remainder are spilled in the water-drainage battery, although properly they are neutralized, must leave itself that circulates around the same, abundant water.
  • Not to touch less with the hands and with the mouth, chemical agents.
  • Not to pipetear with the mouth. To use the pump manual, a hypodermic syringe or device that get ready in center.
  • The acids require a special care. When we want to dilute them, we will never throw water on acids; always on the contrary, that is to say, IF the acid one is spilled on water.
  • The inflammable products (gases, alcohol, ether, etc) do not have to be near sources of heat. If there is to warm up tubes with these products, one will become to the Maria bathroom, never directly to the flame.
  • If it is spilled on you any acid or corrosive product, washes by far water immediately and warns to you the professor.
  • When preparing any dissolution will be placed properly in a clean and labeled bottle.
  • How to use test tubes:

  • Taken care of with the edges and sharp ends of the tubes or glass objects.
  • The hot glass not difference at first of the cold glass. In order to avoid burns, to let cool it before touching it. The hands will protect with gloves or rags when a cork in a glass tube is introduced.
  • If you must warm up to the flame the content of a test tube, it observes these two norms carefully:
  • Taken care of extreme Ten and ten in account that the mouth of the test tube nonnote to any companion. It can boil the liquid and leave shot, reason why you could cause an accident.
  • As you see in the photo, it warms up by the lateral one of the test tube, never by the bottom; it shakes smoothly.
  • How to use laboratory balance:

  • When masses determine of chemical agents with balance, filter paper will place on plates of the same and if it is necessary because the product even though was corrosive, will be used a watch glass.
  • Any disturbance is due to avoid that leads to an error, as vibrations due to blows, equipment in operation, to blow on plates of the balance, etc.