This it is a simple experiment that shows the Principle to us of Bernoulli.

What is needed?

  • Empty soda water bottle of 2 liters
  • Drinking straw to drink soda water
  • Ball of ping pong
  • What is necessary to do?

  • We cut the bottle of 2 liters by half. We will use the part of above.
  • We make a hole in the cover of the bottle.
  • We introduce drinking straw by the hole that we have practiced in the cover.
  • How it works?

    The ball of ping is placed pong to the center of the trimmed bottle and it is blown with force by the end of drinking straw. The ball remains suspended in the air.

    Because it happens this.

    The speed of the air is greater in the central part of the current and minor in the edges. Outside the current the air is practically in rest. The regions in which the air is moving quickly are of low pressure, whereas the regions where the air is in rest are of high pressure. This balance of pressures does that the ball levite.