You have chosen the perfect project, you have reunited to your materials and variables, lead your experiment. You can see the line of goal. But there is a last piece of the project of the fair of sciences that continues being… the board of exhibition of the project.

The Board of Exhibition of the project is where your arduous work and creativity really shine. It is a screen that counts the history of all efforts and gives the first impression of your project.

Here there are some advice:

  • Mantenlo simple, ordered and organized.
  • The USA a powerful title. You want to catch the attention of judges and visitors.
  • The USA your imagination and you do your attractive board. It uses three-dimensional images, objects, colors, graphs, tables or illustrations.
  • You must know the data well.
  • Assure to you that your report, data, materials and conclusions well they are written and exhaustive investigated.
  • It practices and it reviews. Your speech in the fair of sciences in front of friendly and relatives practices. Ask to them that they do questions to you on your project and try your answers.
  • The exhibition board must, as far as possible, to stop themselves by itself and not to need a table or another support. It uses plastoform (telgopor) or a heavy fine cardboard as lining to support it! In the photos you can see examples of how deberia become presentancion.

    The exhibition board does not have defined dimensions, but you must ask if there is some restriction before contruilo. In the drawings of down you can see an example.