Sometimes you wondered how the people sabian the hour before the invention of the clock? 
A Roman
The Romans and other people of the antiquity used the shade of the sun with called equipment clock of sun or gnomon.  
When turning the Earth on its axis, the sun seems to move in the sky.
sun in the sky
This causes that the shade moves in the brands of the clock.
Rain in Rome Clear that in the cloudy days habia that to guess the hour.
We make a clock for the cloudy days!
That it is needed
 A plastic bottle of a liter
 A glass of paper or plastoform
 A clock with segundero
 A rule
button  A pencil
button  Water
button  Tape masquin
How one becomes
With the help of an adult it cuts the part of above of the bottle, about 7 cm underneath the part superior.
Masquin in the surface of the bottle sticks a tape piece from the part of above to the one of down. It must be placed straightest possible.
It perforates a small hole in the base of the glass. It places the glass in the part of above of the bottle.
It lists your clock.  It spills water in the glass and it begins to control the time in the clock (fix you to the segundero and the minute hand).  Mantén the water until half of the glass so that it leaves in continuous form.  It requests help of a friend so that one of you observes the hour while the other brand in the tape.
When 30 seconds have passed, you do a brand of the level of the water in the tape masquin.  You must do this every 30 seconds by 5 minutes.
                              They were the brands spaced uniformly?
to number 6
It places another tape piece next to the previous one. This time you do the brands every minute, you must do it by 5 minutes.
Has some of the brands agreed? 
It will be this good form to know the hour?
send your results to us
but interesting things
All we know that 60 seconds do a minute, 60 minutes do one hour, and that 24 hours do a day, but of where they have left these numbers he is something that is not known with certainty. 

Apparently the guilty are the Babylonians, people who lived thousands ago on years in the Persian Gulf. 

The Babylonians had an odd habit with number 6.  Its year was 360. Also they invented the sun clocks, diviendo the day in 12 segments that soon became hours. 

Nowadays we used multiple of 6 for our own measures of the time!  

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