Down the materials can that are required to arm this experiment:

We will need:  Four bottles for photographic film reels, great dry batteries, piece of copper wire, a strong magnet, wire of connection, two I sweep of conductive metal as it receives, aluminum (as in the photo), iron, etc.

1. - The bottles with hot silicone glue are united, the batteries with the help of paper or fine cardboard are connected in series. Orifices in the base become of the bottles.

2. - They are placed you trumpet them of metal in the orifices of the bottles, as it is seen in the photo of above. In one of the ends the cables are connected red and black.

3. - Now simply the cables to the batteries are connected. Before we must have well-taken care of to clear the insulator of cables.

4. - With the batteries connected to cables it is placed trumpets it of copper in rails.


When approaching the magnet trumpets it of copper we will notice that wheel trumpets it on the rail moving away or approaching the magnet. This happens because when happening the current through trumpets it of copper induces a magnetic field. Meaning that it trumpets it becomes an electromagnet.


An electromagnet is a magnet type in which the magnetic field takes place by means of the flow of an electrical current. The magnetism disappears as soon as the current stops. In 1819, the Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted discovered that an electrical current that it circulates around a driver produces a magnetic effect that can be detected with the help of a compass. Based on his observations, the American physicist Joseph Henry invented the electromagnet in 1825. Henry discovered, and independently simultaneous Faraday, who a variable magnetic field induces an electromotive force. In particular, Henry observed that, if a driver moves perpendicularly to a magnetic field, it appears a difference of potential between the ends of the driver. The interest of the experiment of Henry resides in which the appearance of the induced electromotive force can be explained of clear form by the law of Lorentz, that is to say, by the forces that the magnetic field exerts on the loads of the driver.



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