BEAM is the acronym of

Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics

Robots that look for the light
Robot: Solar insect (Fred)

Listade parts:

update February. 19, 2003

2 Transistors 2N3904

2 motors to pager, motor high-efficiency

1 solar panel, 3 volts

2 Transistors 2N3906

2 motor Supports pager

1 capacitor, 2200uF, 16V

2 blinking LEDs (green or red)

2 resistores 3.3k Ohms, 1/4 watt, 5%

Wire of copper and tubes

2 capacitores of tantalum, 0.22uF

2 resistores 33k Ohms, 1/4 watt, 5%

This page is done on the basis of my page in English on robotics BEAM.

In order to balance the eyes of the robot we must use FLEDs with the same resistance, for this is made thus:

We place tester to measure resistance, put the FLED in a dark place (film reel box) and measured the resistance. 
Soon the FLEDs with the same resistance are grouped.

Form simple to arm the robot:

it is of the solar type, modification of the FLED invented by Ben Hitchcock

  1. 2N3904, doubles the leg of means towards you. The letters of the transistor towards you and the legs downwards. Note that each leg has a letter E (emitting) B (bases) C (collector).

2.  2N3906, Doubles the third leg (collector) towards outside

3. weld the transistors causing that the part with letters goes towards the center.

4. it doubles the legs of both transistors
2N3904: the collector upwards.
2N3906: the base upwards.

5. weld the resistor of 3.3k Ohms

6. weld to the resistor of 33k Ohms (1 leg) to the C3904 (collector of 2N3904),

it prepares loop (curly) deel C3904, that will be used to connect to the motor (C3904 loop)

7. It welds the ceramic capacitor of 0.22uF (224) as s shows (you can use less than until 0.001uF (102). I use one of 0.022uF (223))

The capacitores of tantalum, brands ++ show the positive, that must go to the resistor Dee 3.3K. The negative goes to the resistor of 33K.

8. double the legs, you will have the left brain of the tiny beast

E3904 goes to the legs - of the capacitores


it goes to leg +. It is necessary to do loop for coneccion to the motor (E3906 loop)

9. double the legs, is the brain of the right of the tiny beast
The legs for the left brain bend towards a side and those of the right the other.

E3904 goes to the leg - of the capacitores
E3906 goes to +ve lead. Also make to loop for motor lead.

10. prepare the motor and its bra

The USA copper wires to connect to the motor/bra, hold the motor in the wires if therefore you wish it, you even can use glue.
It doubles to the positive wires +ve of the capacitores and you do the same with the supports of the motor. The optimal length is of about 30 mm of the motor to patita depositiva +ve of the capacitores.

11. we simply held to the wires of copper to the motors and capacitores doubling patita positive +ve. It is necessary to use much weld or glue to hold well.

(the cables of the solar panel are due to weld first)

12. acquittal the protection of the capacitor so that it is seen more interesting.

13. weld the legs of the motor to their brain
the blue cable of the left motor goes to E3906 leg of the left brain
the red cable of the left motor goes to C3904 leg of the left brain

the blue cable of the right motor goes to C3904 leg of the right brain

the red cable of the right motor goes to the E3906 leg of the right brain

14. weld the left brain, soon the right brain

E3904 goes to patita negative (- it sees) of the capacitor
E3906 goes to the positive leg +ve. 

15. weld the left eye (FLED), soon the right

16. finally the solar panel

he welds patitas and 
he sticks with good epóxico glue the legs to the panel
it handles with well-taken care of and you do not haul the legs to see if well they are beaten

17. you can use presnas C miniature to hold the cablecitos.
it welds to the copper wires first in the positive +ve and negativo& - it sees
it applies to glue in cables (in this case, coffee & target) /panel to pave,
we let dry all night and we cleared press C.

18. double positive legs + sees downwards as frontal support

it places some tubitos of ready rubber and! 
it handles to the robot by his tail (capacitor) or his eye (fled)

You can see some of which I have to disposition

Welding the solar panel

The method of “low temperature” is used to weld the wires. 

 1. The welder warms up
 2. Disconnect it by about 20 seconds  
 3. He places cables upon laminae, uses presses C 
 4. He welds cables 
 5. Vereifica if the cables lead electricity 
 6. If it is thus applies glue 
 7. If no, clean and it returns to weld 
 8. You do not haul cables 
 9. After dejatr to dry the glue one night, acquittal press C 


Book: Beam robotics GREAT SUPPLY Book: Beam robotics - Construction of Robots Insect with Materials Recyclings.