Towards end of the next century the petroleum reserves will have been run out and the hydroelectric resource will be saturated. The possibilities of constructing hydroelectric plants and is probable that will have been finished no longer the nuclear plants are used. Then it will only be the possibility of taking advantage of in direct form the Sunlight.

The sunlight can be turned directly into electricity by means of the silicon cells, or fotoceldas, but, at the moment, the yield that provides the photovoltaic conversion of the solar energy by means of silicon chips is very little and requires that the solar vehicles are very light and that they tell on little resistance the friction; that is to say, that is aerodynamic. This no longer is made necessary when the vehicles are transported to a planet in which as much atmosphere as in the Earth does not exist. This is the reason for which so many vehicles in the space reconnaissance are used which they count on solar cells.

In the photo of above we can observe some examples of boats and submarines done with bottles pet discarded, motor of DC and solar cells.

The submarine has in the part inferior a motor with subject helix in the part of down with hot silicone and in the part superior the solar cell is placed.

The boat catamaran has two bottles united with hot silicone glue, in the part of back a plastic piece with a motor and helix of aeromodelling.



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