Informaci? n that we showed aqu? it is s? for people with experience in electricity and its handling. Although est? carefully occurred? I accept, this experiment can cause gives? to the people, to cause fires to you, to destroy equipment electr? near nicos, to produce ozone and other gases that can irritate to the lungs and cause the death if it is used without precautions.
Doesn't the author take responsibility of any gives? or that can be caused by this equipment. He asks your parents who help to construct it you.
If take into account this note of PRECAUCI? N, you can continue…

C? mo to construct to a simple Coil Tesla

When looking for in the network I could be found with this simple circuit. All almost are of the same type and some they show different values to you from resistores. With flyback of television I made a Coil Tesla that gave sparks me of 2 cm of length to the first attempt.

Although was the circuit good, was warmed up, ace? that busqu? in the network and encontr? one of a single transistor.

If they read ingl? s not tendr? n problems, but, of all ways the circuit is very simple.

Coraz? is n of this equipment a transformer flyback of TV with n? cleo of ferrite. He is better to use flyback of a TV in black and white because it has less parts and is more simpler to use. Down we see the one photo:

The second step is to clear the primary coil. Which is obtained with a good blade. Simply it cuts and it leaves cleaning? criminal.

Now you have remained with the secondary one, although innocent sees itself, is able to generate thousands of volts. In order to do does test of his operation, simply surround some 10 turns of wire enameled (the one that you have at the hand) and connects and disconnects to flush toilets? to 9 volts or another source of being able and seeing? isn't s to jump a spark whenever you do this, necessary that it says that if to headresses the terminals to you of the secondary one to receive? s a disagreeable shock.

What to har? is the transistor exactly to act instead of the hand, to open? and to close? the circuit in form autom? tica. When you apply the voltage, the circuit to begin? to operate in a frequency determined by the inductance of the coil, the capacitance, the resistance? hmica of the primary coil and the load of the secondary one, composici? n and tama? or of the n? cleo of ferrite, capacity of junci? n of the transistor and many other variables.

In order to form a primary one of low inductance, coil 5 do returns of enameled wire no. 18 AWG (1 mm of I gave? meter) in the n? cleo of ferrite and assures with insulating tape.

In order to form the coil of realimentaci? does n (feedback) use enameled wire no. 22AWG (0.64mm of I gave? meter) and coils 2 turns (or 3-4 following the Hfe of the transistor) soon we isolated.

Equipment already est? ready. It connects the resistores and the transistor as one is in the diagram. You do not forget to place a heat radiator to the transistor so that one does not overheat and it burns.

Is the value of R1 for 24-32 volts of operaci? n. Your you can replace it with a more lower value, as 110 ohms, but 240 ohms can make operate the circuit without. When elevating does the entrance voltage lift the power of consumption in R2 (27 ohms), but not warming up themselves? much, if it does is necessary to use a more greater resistor (of more wattage)

He is better to use bot? interrupting n for the case that we undergo a unloading.

The USA cables with very heavy isolation for the secondary one. If you are going to use the fingers uses gloves to maintain them or some pliers. As we are working with electricity of high voltage and high frequency, we can burning fires the fingers without feeling it. Isn't the isolation of cables one garant? a. Again TAKEN CARE OF!

Here I show to them what Jorge R. with very good explanatory photos did that they show step by step as this equipment of HIGH VOLTAGE is due to construct!

Finally, some sites on this subject.

COIL TESLA that takes control of materials that we can find around the house or the factory: Coil Tesla


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