How To do

In this experiment of physics, you will measure your own reaction time having used nothing else that a simple rule and a little mathematical one. Your companion will loosen a rule, that you will try to catch as rapidly as possible with the fingers. If you act fast, the rule will only fall one short distance. When using a mathematical equation that relates the distance, the acceleration and the time, you will determine what so fast you are in fact.


  • A plastic or wood rule
  • A table of data
  • What is necessary to do?

    1. It finds a companion to work.

    2. Feel you in a table or writing-desk, with your forearm supported on the table and its hand leaving by the edge.

    3. Your fingers must be open and ready to catch the rule.

    4. That your companion maintains to the rule with the edge inferior with the part superior of the hand. The USA centimeters for the measurement, with the end of 1 cm aiming downwards, as it is seen in the photo of down.

    5. Your companion must in a while loosen to the rule between your fingers unforeseen circumstance.

    6. He catches the rule as rapidly as possible.

    7. He registers the number in the rule in the place where he was captured. The USA the nearest number in the middle of your thumb in the place where you catched it.

    9. It changes of place with your companion and repeats the steps 2-8.

    10. It finds the distance average for your five notes.

    11. When you finish, it calculates your reaction time using the following equation: