Down all the steps can that are required to arm this experiment:

It is possible to be produced a tornado inside a bottle. For this two disposable bottles are taken from plastic pet and the covers take off to them. The two covers with a glue for plastic are thrown out of reach very hard.

A hole in means becomes of the covers with the help of a hot nail (requests help of an adult) or with a drill. it is necessary to experiment to find the best diameter of hole. The ideal size is the one of a drinking straw to drink soda water.

One of the bottles with water fills, it is added colouring of food or to glitter (brightness for shampoo) so that this way the water obstacles are seen more easily. The cover in the bottle with water twines around and the empty bottle is placed above. It is necessary to make sure that it does not leave water by any side.

The bottles occur to the return, so that the full water bottle is above. One moves so that the water in the interior begins to turn. When entering the water the empty bottle, the air will enter through water and it will be seen as a tornado.


The Tornado is a meteorological phenomenon that takes place as a result of an air rotation of great intensity and little horizontal extension, that extends from the base of a cloud mother, well-known as Cumulunimbus. The base of this cloud is to altitudes below 2 km and it is characterized by his great vertical development, where its top approximately reaches 10 km of height to the surface of the Earth or near her.

The cloud is of white color or gray clearly whereas the funnel remains suspended of the cloud mother, when this one makes contact with the Earth appears of a dark or black gray color due to the dust and rubbish that is sucked of the ground by the violent eddy. These eddies also called chimneys or sleeves, rotate generally in sense in opposition to the small hands of the clock, in the Northern Hemisphere. Sometimes they appear as a cylinder, whose diameter varies between the base of the cloud and the surface of the ground and its diameter inferior the 100 meters are approximately of 1 km reaching sometimes.