Tornado in a Box

The box for of plexiglas, or wood panels. A small ventilator on the box serves as propellent and a ultrasonic humidifier was used so that the tornado is visible. Also dry ice can be used.


  • Panels of wood or cardboard
  • A acrícilico lamina
  • Ventilator of computer
  • Cables of coneción
  • Electronic humidifier or
  • Dry ice
  • What is necessary to do?

    We construct two bases of wood, cardboard or MDF. Both must have an orifice. the one of the part superior supports the ventilator. Two of the panels must have openings that soon cover with acrylic transparency or glass. The panels are of 40 cm of stop and 25 cm in width.

    We hold to the ventilator on the cover superior and placed feeders. A battery of 9 volts can be used. Black painting without brightness for the interior of the box is used. The latex painting is dried very fast and it is cleaned easily. If you do not have painting or you do not wish to paint, you can use some other black basic material that can make sure inside the box. , The more nevertheless opaque he is the finished one, it is the less probable that it reflects the light backwards and the more easy will be to see the vortex.


    The proportions in the model must be correct to create a vortex. This also is certain for the tornádicos vortices. Too much little ascending current, too much ascending current, very little entrance (a too narrow crack), too much entrance to a too low speed (a too wide crack) and will not form vortex. It will obtain circulation, but not a vortex concentrate in center. The tornados in real life have their energy sources superficially, reason why we placed a small ventilator in the part superior to model a tornado better. The air that enters by the cracks produces airflows. The model can just by work two grooves in the opposite corners. But for segurarnos he is better to have grooves in the four corners.